Michelle's Quilt

quiltdivaJuly 31, 2006

It's done and ready to send back to Lisa when she returns from her vacation. I used Superior King Tut varigated in Joseph's Coat for the quilting and tried to get a closeup so you could see the colors in one block but maybe you can tell just a bit. I don't know who made the block with the purple kitty with the lime green background but I have the little bow and will send it back separately with the quilt so it doesn't get crushed. It was an honor and joy to be a part of this quilt and you all came together and did a wonderful job. I know Michelle will be proud and will cherish it.


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It's absolutely beautiful. I have not put labels on my quilts a big no-no. Please tell me more about that label.


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Kay & Everyone else!! That is an absolutely beautiful quilt!! It's amazing how very well the colors work together with little guidance on everything else.

Kay, the quilting is wonderful!!! And the label, very professional looking!

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Nanci, I use the Printmaster Platinum graphics program to design my labels and I use Printed Treasures fabric sheets for inkjet printers. It's really easy and alot of fun to play around with.

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What a gorgeous quilt. Michelle is going to love it. As a cat lover (which I assume Michelle must be, too), I especially appreciate all the cat images in it--even down to the border and backing material, whose colors fit so well with those in the blocks. This is the first time I have ever heard of variegated thread for quilting. Thanks for the close-up.

I am another one who would like to know more about that label. Was it ordered from somewhere or made on a computer using special transfer paper? Such a nice idea! I only quilted the dates and my initials and those of the recipients into the corners of my bird quilts (but not the Japanese one); a label would have been much nicer, not to mention easier to read.

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Oh, it's wonderful. The wording on the label made my eyes tear up!

It never ceases to amaze me how as a quilt comes together, it looks good -- but once it's finished, it's always even exponentially MORE remarkable looking. Mind boggling. I think your quilting really tied everything together. Fabulous Fabulous job.

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It's Absolutely Beautiful. Beautiful quilting and Fabulous Label!

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What a magnificent job, from the individual blocks, to the arrangement and joining of the blocks, to the quilting. A really spectacular quilt. Just stunning.

Marti in Mexico

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Laura, isn't the sentiment wonderful? Lisa came up with that and I almost teared up too when she sent it to me.

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When I read Kay's post and seen the pictures,
chills ran up my body!
It is just BEAUTIFUL

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WOW! So nice of y'all to make that for her.

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Wow that's wonderful.I must have missed the post that tells why you made a quilt for Michelle,could someone enlighten me??? Not that it makes a difference,but i'm nosy.LOL

That's a beautiful quilt and you all did a wonderful job.Looks like everything just fell into place color wise,and since you are from all over the world,that makes it even better.Good minds think alike and all that.

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How totally generous of you to do the quilting on this quilt. You know, I don't even think I've seen kits for quilts that look as nicely coordinated as this quilt, and it was the work of many hands from many different points on the globe that put it together! Simply beautiful!! (Should that be published in some magazine?)

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Kay thank you for showing the quilt everyone has done a beautiful job including you, the label is great I,ve never made one for my quilts you can bet I will now, already looking up the Printmaster program.

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The quilt is beautiful and the label is great. I can't remember who furnished the backing fabric but it is wonderful and just makes it great. I'm really proud to see my blocks on the quilt. The quilting is wonderful too. I guess we should all pat ourselves on our backs. I'm sure Michelle will love it.

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Ladies, you all should be very proud for such nice work. Mel and I furnished the backing. Thank you so much, Mel! Lisa will be blown away when she gets it back.

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Kathi I can answer your question. Michelle is the granddaughter(i believe) of one of bkfdwife's DH's coworkers. She has leukemia and is 17. Lisa asked for some suggestions on a quick quilt to make and everyone volunteered to make blocks. Lisa told everyone what colors Michelle liked and that she liked hearts and cats. Lisa ended up with enough blocks to make a quilt for Michelle and her mom.


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Thank You Amy for the explanation,i appreciate it.Some days i don't get to come here,and then sometimes it takes too long to play catch up,so i just skim the board.

That was so nice of all of you to do that,i'm sure she'll love it,i know i do.

Again thanks for filling me in!!!

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What a wonderful quilt!!!

Aunt Net

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What a wonderful quilt. I am so proud of everyone, especially Lisa and Kay. You two have done a wonderful job.


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What a wonderful quilt. I'm so proud to be a part of it. Lisa and Kay did a terrific job--you are both special folks. Thanks for doing that. Michelle will love it.


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The quilt looks beautiful. I was glad to do a small part of it. I hope that she is doing well. Colleen

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WOW,WOW, WOW.....oh my...I am in tears...that is ABSOLUTELY beautiful!!!! WOW! AMAZING! We are back, Kay, I got your email, thank you. I will finish catching up later, but wanted to see the pictures! Kay, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! ((((HUGS))))))

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