Experiences with thermally modified wood decking?

cellomamaJune 15, 2010

Hi, all. We are planning to replace our teeny "builder's deck" with a larger, nicer deck but are all over the map in terms of materials. Makes the bidding process a lot more complicated.

I'm not a big fan of the look (or maintenance) of cedar. The contractors here (MN) seem to have limited experience with Ipe, and we're not sure we love the look of it. We were quite excited about one of the colors of the TimberTech XLM, but a recent Consumer Reports states that XLM had significant sagging within a year, so now we're nervous about that.

One of our contractors suggested thermally modified wood. We like the look of it, but it's the first we've heard of it and would love to hear some real-world stories.

Any one looked into this or used it? I'd love your feedback and experiences.

Thanks in advance -


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Do not belive Anything CR says involving Construstion. They are not bad far as buying a toster.

The XLM will not sag if its installed corectley.

Geting specks on the tosted wood is a real problem. I have never seen a real life project decked with it 4/5 years down the road over here or on any other site I visit. I am thinking go on and try it!! That way we would have a test case to go by. J.

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