Ugly UFO 2nd Attempt

csackettJuly 9, 2007

trying again.

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In your other post, you said:

I made this as a Christmas Tabletopper last year and didn't like it. I was disappointed in my choice of beiges.
I decided to finish it anyway, but think it needs something in the center. Carolyn

Carolyn, Very pretty.....will you be setting something in the center of it? If you're concerned about it looking plain in the center, I think that would take care of it. Just my opinion, of course. I have a couple teapots and cup setting on a placemat on my kitchen table. (What I don't understand is how that teacup keeps attracting stuff)


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I think it is lovely myself. I don't think the center needs anything, but I do think I would put a border of the red fabric, then perhaps a narrow beige border or binding.


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Since it's for Christmas I've thought about appliquing a poinsettia or holly in the center.

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I think it's pretty - I would set a Christmas candle in the middle.

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That's very nice. Maybe applique holly leaves & berries in a couple of places around the star? But I like the idea of a candle, maybe on a fancy Christmas plate.

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I agree with Sharon and Scraphappy, when you have something sitting on it, it will be perfect. If you put something on it, it will be too pretty to cover up then you'll want to use it as a wall hanging. JMO, of course. :)
I like it. I think it is perfect for a teapot or a candle.


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I agree with the others - put a narrow 1/4" border of beige, followed by a border of red, and then the binding...might want to pull in a stripe for that. I don't think it needs it really, but if you want to liven it up you could do some applique in the red area, but i'd leave the center plain and put a decorative candle or plate on it. Will the corners go over the side of the table when it's done? You could sew on a bell on each corner, or a tassle. Very nice tabletopper, I love the colors.

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I think it looks nice - at least on my monitor.

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