help! can i fire my bp??

tparker38May 13, 2013

I have had it with my BP.

They were supposed to start digging today. The diggers questioned without my hottub was far enough away from my power lines. I told them we had clearance from the power company.

After they made some phone calls, it turns out they screwed up on the plans and now are telling me I have to have my plans re-drawn and change the design to put my hot tub at the end of the pool.

Needless to say, I am not happy! This is just another delay and I'm feeling this pool builder is incompetent.

I've only made a 3,500 down payment.

So my question is, what can I do? Can I tell them I want to stop the job and get my deposit back?

I'm so frustrated.

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Tparker38, I'm sorry that you are already dealing with issues. Of course you can but I'm afraid since the contract has been signed it will be hard to get out without losing the deposits! Besides, if you hire another PB they would have to deal with the power line issues and the hot tub would ended up being at the same place now? I would make them redraw the plan to your liking and perhaps upgrade something to make you feel better?:)

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Tough call. If you've had the type of problems that really make you question their competence, and I've seen some stories here that would say, yup, get out now when you're only out $3600. But if you're like me and have had a few ups and downs (admittedly screwing up the plans *could* indicate a bigger problem) with the builder then I would say try to work it out and get some upgrades for your troubles.

Can you provide more details about how they screwed up the plans? Have there been other issues? Maybe you'll end up with a better plan. Can you share the original with us?

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Thanks for the posts and advice.

After "cooling" down a bit, I talked with the owner of the company and they sent the sales guy back out to draw up new plans.

I actually kind of like the new plan better because with the spa at the end of the pool, it opens up the pool more.

And since I voiced my displeasure, the owner threw in the upgrade pool finish.

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Though you don;t tell the entire back story, I wouldn't have simply fired them over them being concerned about the relationship between your pool and overhead power lines.

It's not really a "permission from the power line company" type of thing. It's a "building code thing".

Worst case would have been if you strong-armed them into digging it "as is", then the code official came out and nixed your already dug location due to the power lines.

Glad you got it resolved amicably.

FWIW, I did have to fire my builder years ago when I built. Mistake after mistake...

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