Cedar Deck protection

fbockJune 29, 2009

I have a cedar deck which has been protected with multiple coats of Cabot Silcone Waterbased Waterproofing. It repels water but the wood is very dry and needs some oil I think to keep it from creaking. I live in Eastern Washington state where the summers are hot and dry and winters are cold and snowy. What is a good product to protect the decking. I like the natural and/or weathered look.

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Twp works like a champ on cedar decks, that's what on my cedar deck at home. I've tried just about all of them & til someone comes up with something better it'll be TWP for me.


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Sorry...but treatments with silicone in them HAVE to be removed completely or the next stain will peel in short order!!!
* Oils won't penetrate the silicone.
* This will have to be stripped/sanded-through, so new stain can absorb & hold evenly.
* I'm NOT a fan of "clear water sealers" for decks!! All they do is keep water out...for a while.
* They do little or nothing for UV protection.
* The SUN is what destroys/breaks-down wood-cellulose.
* This protection comes from a pigmented stain.

>>> I've got a 13y/o Redwood deck, and I wouldn't let Thompson's or a "Clear-sealer" within 20' of my deck...


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