any experience with building a pergola with awning attached?

farmgirlinkyJune 29, 2011

We are thinking of adding a pergola to the back of our 1910 house with a retractable awning fitted to the rafters of the pergola. Does anyone have experience with these, and was that experience positive or negative? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.


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I took a slightly different approach by creating valances to block unwanted sun. These "drape over" a rod between the outer rafters and can be pulled down to double their length. Never considered an awning due to potential wind damage.

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Sorry I missed your post before, and thank you for the idea and the pic! I haven't thought of this arrangement, and will try to think this through as an alternative for a pergola attached to the back of our house. Your terrace is lovely! So as I understand it, there are only rafters above, no shelter from gentle rain -- but how often do people hang out under an awning in the rain? I'm inexperienced with the whole concept!

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try checking out shade tree awnings. They are made especially for pergolas and retract manually when you desire the sun shine to come in. Ive seen them in person and they are pretty reasonable, especially if you already have the pergola. There's a few more... I think Shade FX and you can look at for 2 or 3 other models. Goodluck.

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farmgirlinky - Actually ours has lattice atop the structure to increase shade but is not solid so as to be a watertight roof. Ours is free standing but could have been anchored to the house.

Many pergolas are built with a couple crossed layers of wood atop the rafters for shade however we wanted ours to be "flat" so the rafters are nested. Plans are included within the linked album.

Good luck with yours.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pergola

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