Corner range or cooktop reviews please

AJinNHMarch 23, 2013

We are considering putting either a range or cook/range top in a corner of the kitchen instead of a traditional spot.

I would love some feedback if you have a corner setup and cook a lot. It sounds like it could work, but I'd love to hear from people who have actually lived with it a while. Is it worth the space saving feature? Do you like the way it looks? Do you have enough space on either side of your appliance?


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Is it worth the space saving feature?

I cannot answer your question directly, but I was "talked out of" a corner range by the wisdom here.

In short, there is no space savings. Rather, corner ranges are space hogs! For a 30" range, you need to dedicate a minimum of 46" to 48" along each wall. If, like me, you wanted a little elbow room (welll, really "hip room") while standing at the cooktop, you needed more like 52" to 54" along each wall.

Getting a hood that is located at the correct place can be a problem, as well. (Many setups would have interference between the hood and adjacent upper cabs.)

I do love the way it looks, though.

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Love mine. Best thing in my kitchen. We call it the cook nook.

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Here is a link to my reveal thread. There is discussion about the corner range and hood in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vsalz kitchen

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Have done several. In some kitchens thhey solve counter and bas cabinet problems that nothing else can. In those cases they are NOT space hogs. I could show you the math for storage, openings and counter. You MUST be careful about the uppers and relationship with the hood. There are also a few ways to do the relationship to the base cabinets. You need to design carefully.

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I've had mine for almost 4 years and love it. I have plenty of counter prep space to the right. As far as the hood interfering with uppers, I have them on either side with no problems. My GC installed little cables in the uppers so the doors would not bang into the corner of the hood. They can open >90 degrees.

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I'm a lurker in these forums, but my reading here really helped us make some hard decisions about our kitchen.

We only finished about a month ago, so my usage experience is limited, but we really enjoy our corner unit. There is lots of space on either side of the cook-top, and it allowed us to create a dramatic wall to balance out the large-ish peninsula on the other side of the kitchen.

It was all our designer's idea, but I must say I do like it. The cabinet goes all the way into the corner, and then our GC built a false wall from the ceiling to the counter top to provide a surface for the exhaust fan/back splash. The only negative is that the corner cabinet doesn't have pull-outs etc. We are thinking of adding one to make the space more usable.

If you have any questions, let me know.

ETA, I don't have any problems with cabinets and my hood. This is mostly due to the fact that my cabinets open away from the hood. Makes it much easier to get into them while I'm cooking.

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Nhbaskets- on a layout with a deep hood and cabinets up to it where the doors won't open 90. That is what you have to watch.
BTW cooktops are easier than a range when the oven is elesewhere. I'll dig up some pics when I get a chance, one may be the smallest kitchen I've done.

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Here are two. Note on the first one the little black circles represent gas pipes that go upstairs to other apartments (we were told they were in a different wall!!) that is the line of the original wall in the kitchens. Next time you complain your kitchen is too small look at this one :)
Dare anyone to make this room work without a corner range.
The other pic is before the new range came in, they had to have access behind the range, solved counter issues at the same time.
Have done 5 of these. In each case the client was offered at least two other solutions that did not involve a corner range. Have proposed another 3 or 4 that were not done this way or I did not get.

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I share the same floor plan as my neighbors. We both have a ushaped kitchen. They moved the cooktop to the corner and it is very cramped. The cooktop is 30 inches.

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