Can this porch roof issue be fixed?

avesmorJune 10, 2010

Hi all! New to this forum, I'm usually on Home Dec or Kitchens. I x-posted this in Home Dec to get input on whether this is as much out of scale as I think it is, so my question here -- is there a way to add visual weight that will be structurally sound?

This is referring to the peak detail in the pics below (left what I wanted, right what I got):

Here are some ideas I've had for bulking it up visually, but I don't know - in terms of construction/feasability/etc. if any of these can be done and I would love some input. Brown represents additions in the same wood (cedar) as the beams. Gray represents additions done in the smart wood trim used on the house.

Idea 1: Securing another beam between the two inner vertical beams, and then adding blocks that could be secured between the two:

Idea 2: Securing a smart wood board on top of the beams - could be repeated on the inside with spacers inside the "box" that would create?:

Idea 3: Similar to idea 1, but using a thicker, solid beam between the two inner vertical ones. Maybe L brackets to secure them on the side, and iron straps (we could pretend they're a design element!) to help secure it to the top beam... don't know...:

Idea 4: Creating a smart wood "box" and securing between the two inner beams, and below the horizontal one:

Really trying to find a compromise here than doesn't require the builder to pull everything down and start over, esp. since it's now roofed, electric is run for soffit outlets, etc.

Any help/ideas/thoughts?

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Why not cover it up with the siding as shown in the first pic, if that is what you wanted in the first place?

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Not liking the drop of options 1 and 3. Not liking the way the diagonals get covered at the bottom on option 2. Would it really be that big of a deal to pull out the diagonals, cut and replace at a higher height? And add whatever additional framing and facing is needed to achieve your goal?

By the way, what was the original idea for the surface? You don't have siding like the inspiration photo.

What are they saying in homedec? (couldn't find it)

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