Still Playing w Hooded Towels

rosajoe_gwJune 29, 2008

I was searching for a way to fold the hooded towels for a boutique effect. Most of the patterns use a wash cloth for the hood, but I wanted something bigger. The first towel I made had a pleated hood but it was so thick I had a hard time sewing it. Cute, but would take forever to dry.

I stopped with the bindings because I have tried everything and the terrycloth shifts and there is no way in the world I am going to hand sew on a towel binding LOL.

For this one I used a hand towel size piece of a towel and I cut it into a rectangle,embroidered then sewed on the towel with the long end in front. It did take me a while to learn to roll the towel tight enough to stand by itself. Ingore the ribbon I used it is just a piece of material I had on hand.

I am going to tie it with yellow ribbon, put it in a clear bag, and tie a yellow ribbon at the top of the clear bag. I think this will make great shower and B-Day gifts. I am making bottle aprons and they are really cute too, the only prob is I can't seem to get them a size that will fit any of my bottles!!!!!


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That is darling! They'd certainly make great gifts!! The possibilities are endless.

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Rosa, You've inspired me to play with some towels when I get home! What kind of bottles did you want to have aprons? Beer, wine, .... oh, maybe a dishwashing liquid bottle? heh heh heh.....


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Sharon you can't imagine what bottles I have tried these aprons on and they just don't fit anything in my house LOL!!!
I have a tux that would be cute on a wine bottle for a gift.
I am making them for Christmas gifts and I wanted them to fit a hand soap or detergent bottle, I guess I'll try the $ store and get a small bottle. Maybe I'll take my apron to the store, hey, that is it!!!!
This one I made for a friend we worked with and after the layoff she went to school for nursing. She just graduated and I'll just make the apron and she can find a bottle. I was hoping it would fit over a hand sanitizer to sit on her desk. Oh, well!!

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Great gift idea. The embrodery is really a nice touch. Gee you would think it would be easy to find bottles...good luck.

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