Quartz Installed Today - Lots of Pics

AnnaAMarch 28, 2012

Our quartz was installed today. I'm in love! They made an error - made the windowsill out of the Lyra (the white) instead of the Zirconium (black). But once I saw how I could see both pieces while standing at the sink, I decided to keep it.

Miles to go yet, but the big stuff feels done. This is a small split level in an urban setting. We're trying to maximize space while honoring the bones of the place.

More when backsplash, wood trim, island hood, appliances, and a few other details are done.


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Wow...your kitchen is beautiful already :) I think the white sill looks great over the black!

Love your cabinet pulls - I haven't seen anything like them. And I sure can't wait to see that gorgeous backsplash. It almost looks liquid in the closeup.

Beautiful choices all around!

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I love it! Your cabinets are so pretty. I love that you showed so much close up detail of your counters. They look great. I'll be waiting patiently to see pics of how your slide-in range fits!

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wow, I'm glad you posted. The Lyra looks alot better (and more like marble) in large format than what I've seen in smaller samples. It looks to be a decent and likely cheaper competitor to Torquay from Cambria in the quartz marble imitation look games :-)

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Library_girl, the knobs & pulls were the hardest pic. We are playing with a bunch of metals - shinny, matte, black, silver, bronze. I wanted a matte pewter and knew it when I saw them. Pulls (long ones) are from Atlas - California Craftsman, but sold under a different name as well. Knobs are Hickory Hardware...3" pewter something...can't find the name.

Rocketmomkd, yes, the big unknown is how the slide in will work. We're waiting on a steel backplate and will then test it out. I'll put pics here and on the appliance forum.

And tomcarter101, yes, the big surprise of the day was how much smoother...can't put my finger on the word...the Lyra is in actuality vs the sample. My sample had those tiny bubbles, as I call them. But very small. The pieces installed today are much more creamy. Of course, I don't have the correct lights in yet, and the camera I used was a cheap phone (the quickest way to get it to the iPad and uploaded here.) But we wanted contrast yet uniformity in our counters, and we got what we were after.

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Love your kitchen!
Tell me about your backsplash.

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The majority of the backsplash is Versailles Unique Shapes Gun Metal Kitchen Brushed & Polished Metal Tile - a mouthful. It will be bordered at the base by a 6" strip of metal mosaics I'm assembling. And then the island will have a separate metal backsplash as well.

Lots more changes ahead. Hope you get some good design advice re your kitchen and sunroom!

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Very nice! I totally LOVE the window sill and agree with you that the white looks perfect. I love how these things just work out during renovations... And all the different work areas you've designated with your countertops... I'm excited to see the finished kitchen!

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Thanks Anna
It looks like your backsplash has multiple colors in it or is it all SS
Thanks for your support of our project also!

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Thud. That is gorgeous! Great colors, texture, etc.

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Your kitchen is gorgeous!

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Anna, THANK YOU!!!! :)

I did see one of your pics but not all, and I am so glad you posted because I LOVE how it looks! :)

I think I am sold on it.

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