Help with deck finishing - is it too late?

tvnormJune 16, 2012

I have an ipe deck that I needed to alter and in doing so I have some new wood mixed with old. I plugged and screwed all the holes and spot sanded. I used a cleaner on the entire deck. Then I applied a coat of Australian Timber oil. The new wood is extremely lighter in color than the old wood. I think 2 reasons, 1 is I originally used one stain product and then every time after that used the ATO. 2 - I should have cleaned the deck better and maybe used a floor sander? I was going to let it weather for a year and then tackle it next year but I cant stand looking at it. Will cleaning it again and maybe using a floor sander work or is the new stain too fresh to do that with?


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It needs to be stripped. The first finish probably has mold growing in it. Strip it then neutralize allow to dry and seal.

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