Any reviews of Atlantic Soapstone Creations?

beestungMarch 16, 2013

Hi everyone, I've been learning a ton about soapstone on these forums, so thanks for all the information. What I haven't been able to find is any reviews of the work performed by Atlantic Soapstone Creations, or Jason Chizmar? He's been great and very helpful through the quote process, but I just can't find any reviews, which is worrysome given how much people rave about Dorado etc.

Thanks for any info!

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I also would like any feedback on atlantic soapstone creations?

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Ask Mr. Chizmar for references of previous clients and possibly suppliers where he has credit.

Negotiate the lowest down payment possible.

If he's like me, he's worked very hard to earn these references and won't be the least bit shy to show them off.

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Atlantic Soapstone Creations and Jason are great to work with, and Jason's design knowledge is very helpful.The soapstone counters enhance the kitchen cabinets tremendously, and they are easy to maintain. Jason is a true professional, easy going and highly skilled at what he does. My wife and I would highly recommend working with them. Make sure you look at the Vermont slate counters that Atlantic Soapstone Creations offers as well.

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We had the pleasure of working with Jason Chizmar
this past summer of 2013. He showed up early in the morning, set up shop in our driveway and began the process of cutting the soapstone slab we chose piece by piece to fit every angle of every custom cabinet exactly.
This was no simple task in an 18th century farmhouse with no perfect angles. Despite this grueling work on a hot August day, he remained pleasant and never took shortcuts; working late into the evening w/ a 4 hour drive back to Vermont ahead of him.
In today's world, where it seems so many are in business to do as quick and generic a job as possible, Jason is a true craftsman who takes pride in his impeccable work. Yep, I'd recommend him!

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Jason Chizmar is an amazing craftsman and a fine businessman as well. I love my soapstone counter and sink and my butcher block counter.
And I love, just as much, the fact that Jason is a great communicator, shows up on time and gives a fair price.
He really listened to my vision of the kitchen and worked with me so that it turned out just the way I imagined. I would hire him again without a moment's hesitation.

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We were thrilled with Jason's work and also with his knowledge, responsiveness, patience, pricing, and good spirits. We remodeled our kitchen four years ago, using soapstone for the counters. Jason spent hours -- literally -- with me at the stoneyard in Vermont, helping me select a slab. He was also detailed and prompt, patient and good-humored in answering email and phone questions. He came to our house in CT to take measurements and later for the installation. He loves his work and is really careful and detail-oriented, which matters a lot to us. We couldn't be happier with our counters, and I can't recommend him highly enough: a real professional who loves his work, and a kind person to boot.

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Jason seems to be exactly as described.
Thanks for all the feedback, will fill you all in upon completion of our kitchen project.

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