Salt Shock- Potassium Monopersulfate

unclewiggingMay 22, 2010

Any of you use this or have experience with this no chlorine shock? Ram makes a product called ClearOX and a local company makes "salt shock oxider" its costly but seems to be marketed directly at the salt pool owner. It claims to lower PH and Acid demand and extend the life of the cell.

The pool store guy told me not to use Refresh (calcium hypo) for shocking the sale pool- or if I do, disconnect the salt cell?

So- what do you say? Comments? thanks.

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Stick with Clorox or Great Value (Wal-Mart). Both are 6% sodium hypochlorite solution. If the price is right, pool store 10/12% solutions are good too.

Monopersulfate is about 2X more money per 10K gallon pool dose and not as thorough a sanitizer as chlorine but still a decent oxidizer.


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Yeah, don't use clorox in your pool if you live in Texas. In fact don't use any type of liquid chlorine if you are in south Texas. It's way too humid and you're assuring algae growth. Salt shock isn't a bad product at all for saltwater pools, I personally know the guy that created it. The reason you would bypass the salt cell when using a calcium hypochlorite based shock is so you don't damage the internal plates that actually breakdown the salt into active chlorine. Otherwise you could use a sodium dichlor based shock and you don't have to worry about calcium build up inside your salt cell. My best recommendation for a salt system would be to look into a product called pristiva. It's going to cost you at first, but they offer an algae free guarantee with their product package and if you sign up for it, they will send a guy out to treat your pool if you ever get algae. Plus they use pure halite and another additive that softens the water, improves overall clarity and prevents algae from being able to settle into the plaster. And if algae can't root into a surface, then it can't grow effectively. Either way you go, you'll be doing yourself and your pool a great deal of service by not putting bleach in your pool :)

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"don't use clorox in your pool if you live in Texas. In fact don't use any type of liquid chlorine if you are in south Texas. It's way too humid and you're assuring algae growth."???????????????????????????
Why is this? Isn't chlorine the same chemical once dissolved in the water, whether it comes from bleach, Tri-Clor, calcium hypo, etc. Each one contribute differently, Tri-chlor adds CYA, Cal-Hypo adds calcium, etc. But how does adding liquid chlorine (either bleach or 10%) cause Algae. Chorine is what kills algae, bleach is one form of getting to the disinfecting stage. Help me understand your comment as I am in TX and use both bleach and 10% liquid chlorine and supplement with Tri-Chlor.

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You can just ignore what Mike said.
I live in Texas and I can promise you that my salt pool with clorox has not had any algae growth due to humidity.

Spammer? I bet. Idiot, the jury is out but ready to render a decision.

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Guess what a salt cell makes? Bleach but on a different scale.

Guess how Clorox is made? Cells.

What has humidity got to do with it? Nothing.

Cal-Hypo adds calcium to a pool in addition to raising the chlorine level. For many, this additional calcium is unwanted as the level is already elevated. For those that have low calcium in the pool, this may be good or it may be bad, depending on the pool type.

Di-Chlor also adds cyanuric acid, aka stabilizer. Sometimes you need more, often you don't. Having too high a level of this will require increased levels of chlorine to be effective for both normal use and shocking.

Prestiva contains additives. They won't tell what it is either. They call it X20. You don't tell me what it is and I won't use. I won't recommend it. I won't consider it.

You know who invented salt shock? I'll bite. Who was that? What is "salt shock"?

Shock is a process, not a product.

Keep your pool balanced and you won't have algae or anything else bad. I guarantee that.


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Thank you, if you didnt correct all that bad information, I would have had too! This was alot less typing....LOL

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