Using a vfd or multi-speed control for pool pump

qwiksilverMay 13, 2011

I wanted to start a new discussion regarding the thread subject line:

In this thread, I posted some information regarding my setup. I thought it would be good to start a separate thread.

My current setup is as follows:

I have a 3-phase motor installed on my Hayward Super Pump. That motor is driven by a Vacon 10 VFD (variable frequency drive). My house only has single phase power.

The reason that I installed this setup was primarily for the purpose of reduced power consumption. In addition to reduced power usage, I also benefit from being able to run my pump 24x7 and I can do so without the typical noise involved in running a pool pump at full speed. The benefit to running my pump 24x7 is continued filtering which equates to cleaner, non-stagnant, water. Also, I live in a climate where we do get freezing temps in the winter. This past winter was especially cold for us. I don't close my pool for winter. For 2 - 3 months, I ran my pump at a very low speed (15hz, or 1/4 of the speed that most single speed pumps run) during this time, and saved a great deal of power as a result. Since the water was continually moving, I didn't worry too much about freezing pipes, etc.

Is anyone else running a setup similar to mine? How about those of you that are running pre-packaged systems from pool pump manufacturers that have 2 or more speeds? How has your system been working for you? Are you seeing the same benefits that I have listed here?


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