Front porch problem

OreocakeJune 6, 2011

My front porch which, is just one step up has a row of concrete blocks underneath, then a row of bricks topped by a concrete stoop. On one corner the blocks and bricks have sunk leaving a gap between the stoop and bricks (the stoop hasn't sunk or cracked). We have lived in the house for 27 years, and the bricks started sinking about 5 years after the house was built. The sidewalk leading up to the porch has also sunk a few inches in recent years. Can the bricks under the porch be repaired without tearing up the whole porch.

We had an estimate to raise the sidewalk which wasn't too expensive, but

the guy said he doesn't do brickwork. So I called a brick guy and and he

wants to dig down around the whole porch, put in a new foundation and new stoop. He also would tear out the sidewalk and replace it costing

$3200. I wasn't figuring on such a major expense. Anybody have any thoughts about this?

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