Spice pullout by commercial range - not ideal?

dilzyMarch 13, 2014

Quick question before we finalize cabinet detail layout. Most spice pullouts I see are installed right next to the range. Doesn't the high heat ruin your spices and make your oils rancid? Do you feel the oven's heat transfers through or are there insulating fillers installed? For this reason I'm thinking of extending the hood down for pullouts that go down to the countertop (also better as they'd be eye level), however I worry about the precious upper cabinets I'd be losing. Please advise what's worked out best for you, thanks!

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Fori is not pleased

Is it an actual commercial range or just a "pro" model?

I would not want anything putting that much heat out the sides in my home!

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If this is truly a commercial range, put your spices elsewhere. Instead of the precious cabinets you'd be losing, think of the precious cabinets you may be saving. Commercial ranges should never be near cabinetry, they give off too much heat. That is why you never see cabinetry in a commercial kitchen, only open stainless shelves.

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Sorry for the confusion. I guess I meant pro range. We're debating between a 36" Wolf or Electrolux Icon.

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I have a spice pull-out next to our 36-inch range. Residential ranges are usually so well-insulated that damage to nearby cabinetry isn't an issue. I can't imagine it would impact spices and oils if you use them regularly to rotate them out of your supply.

My main gripe with the pull-out (base) is that it's just not that functional. The top row is--because I see it from above when I pull it out. But I have to bend over to view the spices on the lower rows. I would not do it again if given the choice.

editing to note that you indicated your pull-outs would be at eye level, which is ideal. My problem with functionality wouldn't be an issue for you, then. Regarding heat from range impacting your spices and oils, I do not believe this would be a significant problem.

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I have a spice pull out next to my Capital Culinarian.

The broiler is hotter than normal but other than that heat is no different than any other range oven..

I know where my spices are and just reach for them, no need to search. I don't move them around they stay in the same spot.

If you are doing cabinets sitting on the countertop they should be at least 6" removed from the edge of the range and the hood should be on with anything more than one burner on medium.

BTW I would look at the appliance forum and look at Capital Culinarian or Connoisseurian , Bluestar RNB or Platinum and American Range Performer Series. And look at complaints of chipping blue enamel in Wolf ovens before making final decision.

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I also have a spice pullout next to my range - 36 BS - without an issue of heat transfer into the adjacent cabinet.

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I have one on each side of my Wolf. Functionality is poor. Hard on the back and difficult to read the labels. Would not repeat.

No heat that I have noticed.

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I had a condiment pullout next to my cooktop in my previous home and wouldn't have considered skipping it this time - I love it (and got a slightly larger one this time).

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