new stain peeling on deck

joannewiJune 7, 2009

Last week I stained my deck.We added on to our deck about 1 1/2 years ago. So on the old portion which had stain on it, I stripped it and power washed it. On the new portion I scrubbed it with a TSP and bleach water solution. I let the whole deck dry for two days. I stained the entire deck and then two days later it rained a quarter of an inch. The stain on the old part is fine, but the new part is peeling. I used Woodsman semi transparent stain on it. Any ideas on how to fix this?



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Striper/oxalic acid wash. Re finish. Dont use tsp,dont use bleach,dont use anything with thompsons on the lable or behr or cwf.

Man I am going to have to learn to stay out of these deck finshing flaiure posts but it makes me crazeyyy when it is so easy to do it right!!!!

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