Newly Completed Baby Quilt

pirate_girlMay 3, 2009

Hi Folks,

I finished this earlier this week. It's my first paid commission & I could not be more pleased w/ how it came out. I shipped it out a couple of days ago to my Patron who commissioned it, who's presenting it to the Mom-to-be at a Baby Shower scheduled for today in Nebraska.

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That's really cute! Looks like you did a lot of quilting on it, too. It's sure to be loved!


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How lovely. I think the panels make up for some nice blankeees. Deanna

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Wow, you really did a nice job. Congratulations on your first commission!

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Nice quilt with fantastic quilting. I know they will love it.


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I love the way you quilted it, the quilt is beautiful!!
I positively HATE MQing short lines.
Did you use the start and finish with tiny in place stitches or did you tie them off??

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I tied them all off & popped all the knots. Relatively speaking, this was fewer knots than most quilts I've made thus far. I was trying to keep things on the simpler side.

The Machine washing & drying (hot, 2x) really kinda 'pouffed it up' nicely, I don't know how else to say that.

Am hooping this will be the first of many commissions. It was actually a stretch for me to do a Baby Quilt as I am not a mother, nor do I have kids in my life. So kids stuff was far outside my comfort zone. I felt the panels really saved me in that respect.

But while binding it on the subway last week, it got rave reviews from a little boy who was maybe 6-8 yrs. old. He pointed it out to his parents, saying how beautiful --

That really sealed it -- success!

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Pardon my typo, make that -- am 'hoping' this will be ... not hooping - geez.

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Am happy to report back that this first commission was a complete success.

The woman who commissioned it (my online friend, Denise) for her nephew's wife & their first baby (Kara) was VERY happy with the results. As she put it, she could give them a unique, one of a kind gift & still keep it within her budget.

In a kind & most thoughtful gesture, Denise mailed me a thank you note which contained a color printout of a photo of the recipient (Kara) happily holding up her new quilt at her baby shower; it rocked!

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