Slide manufacturer?

jscozzMay 29, 2012

My pool builder uses a BYOS-2 slide from Inter-Fab. I had been looking at a Dolphin Backyard series RB32-x. Looks like the Dolphin is a better slide, but I can't find specs on the BYOS slides to compare to. The BYOS-2 uses less water (2/ 1" inlets; 80 gpm as opposed to the Dolphin with 2/ 2" inlets and 150 gpm). I am concerned about how well each will hold up over the years... how much each will flex between supports when used... how thick the material is they are built from... and how well each can be "built in" to a hillside with dirt and rocks... BYOS web site says you need access below to tighten section bolts periodically...

Does anyone have experience with either of these that thy could share?

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