Pink Stars

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMay 3, 2007

I finished quilting this today. Had a lot of pink scraps so thought I'd do something with them......

The backing is fleece....


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Hope my DD doesn't see that one. She loves all things pink. I love the backing. Did you bind it or just cut the fleece to fit?


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Love it! Love it! Both because I love pink, and for the interesting block arrangement.

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Thank you.

Beverly, The quilt is about 45" X 58" so I used one of the fleece blankets I got on sale. Every once in awhile, our Walgreens has a sale....3 for $10. My DD's go shopping much more than I do and they're always on the look out for them, too. They're usually about 50" X 60" so it's a nice size for baby/toddler quilts. I'm thinking my mom might like this to cover her legs with while sitting in her chair, so will probably give it to her for Mother's Day.

Biwako, I saw a pattern called Random Stars and based this on that concept. Used up some small pieces and odds and ends of squares. Someday, I'd like to do another one and maybe have the larger Ohio Stars all around the outside. I have a ton of blues I'd like to use up! Blue and yellow??? Oh boy.....I think I even have a blue and yellow fleece backing with stars on it!!!!! (btw....some of our babies have babies!)

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Very pretty! I like that you put fleece on the back. That will make it more cuddly. Great job.

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That's really pretty--I love stars. Great way to use up scrap, it looks very well planned.

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Thank you, Carolyn. I was a bit concerned using fleece and the 'birthing' method, but I haven't had a problem with it....even with 'quilting' after birthing!

Geri, Thanks.....I like stars, too! I really had fun doing this quilt.....knowing I was using up scraps and getting a nice design out of it made this enjoyable.

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I like using the same block in different sizes. Even in the same size with different colors it gives the appearance of being different sizes.

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I like pink, too, so I am saving a picture of this!

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glass, I get bored doing the same block with the same fabric block after block after block, so this worked out good.

gaura, I like pink, too. I think it makes a difference on if you really like what you're working on. I thought about keeping it for myself, but figured that was selfish of me so I'm giving it to my mom. Who knows, maybe I'll get it back some day.....and maybe not.....she's outlived 2 of her 5 children (I'm the oldest) and she'll be 90 in July.

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Really like your quilt. I know your Mom will enjoy it. What a nice gift.
You have given me an idea. On a BOM I'm doing, I am making a trial block each time with the idea of making my DGS a quilt. I wanted it to be a "drag along" for the car ,etc. I didn't want it too bulky. I had previously put fleece on the back of a couple of blankets but had not thought to do this one that way. I think that will make it easier and will fit his purpose nicely.
Thanks for reminding me. And I'm going to check those blankets at Walgreens!

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Very nice combination of pink fabrics!

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Gorgeous! Georgeous! You and Carolyn are certainly in the pink! I love your pattern too!


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That is absolutely beautiful as usual, you always have such gorgeous quilts!!!!
So Sharon, you did not have batting, just used fleece???
I could just kick myself, the fleece throws were on sale her during the holidays and they had really pretty colors and I didn't buy any of them.
I did find fleece on sale for $1 a yard and I did have sense enought to buy that!!!!!

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Mom liked her quilt......I didn't get a pic of her with it, though. She calls it her lap robe.

Yes, just batting. I stocked up last year when the sales came on.....going from Walgreens to Walgreens. I like the various colors and patterns that are on them....sports themes, hearts, stars, etc. It helps to make the quilts a little more special.

Fleece for $1 a yard???? WOW!


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Thanks Sharon I 'm going to try the fleece with no batting. In FL I didn't find to many sales on fleece, but here in GA the Walmarts (the only place I have to shop!!!) has seasonal sales and they don't really advertise them it is just luck that I walked in when they were marking them down.
There was no doubt in my mind that your Mom would like the quilt, it is beautiful!!!!

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