New Pool Project - Travertine Pavers - Color Enhancer? Sealer?

bryanazMay 22, 2011

Just joined this forum and have seen some incredible pools and a huge group of people who really seem to know their stuff about pools. We are at the deck stage of our new pool build and we are using tumbled travertine pavers. We're in Phoenix and our deck will go through the blazing sun and heat of the AZ summer. Some have said NOT to use sealers others have said we should. Have also received feedback on using a color enhancer to really bring the beauty out of our travertine pavers. Any thoughts here? Keep in mind our pool, deck and bar will be in direct sunlight most of the day. Thank you!

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I too am almost at the deck stage and am using Travertine in a french pattern and travertine coping. I am located in Florida and it is hot most of the year. My stone supplier is very well educated and said that you should seal your natural stone no matter what but whether you choose to you an enhancer is simply personal preference. It does make the travertine look more vibrant, especially if you are using one with lots of movement. I like the sealers that sink in instead of sitting on top of the stone. They also seem less slippery. I recently had a friend use a Dupont sealer, but there are so many out there that are less expensive. What travertine are you going with? How about your pool finish? That is what I am struggling with at the moment.

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Hi Shoreline,

Thank you so much for the information. I really appreciate that and will look further at the penetrating color enhancer/sealers. The travertine that we are going with is a tumbled paver in a color called Sombretti (I think it's a local shop's color name) - it's not as dark as Noche but definitely a deeper richer brown than a Crema. For our pool finish we chose PebbleSheen in a color called Blue Granite. I wanted to make sure that our water looked blue and not anything close to green. We had a much darker PebbleTec at our previous home and I really didn't care for it. I found some really nice pictures of Blue Granite online and I liked the way it looked.

I have to figure out how the heck to add pics to my messages and I will post some pics up. I will also share any more info on the sealer that we go with. Thanks again!

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Pix to a photobucket album. each pic will have 4 options for code embedding. You want the 3rd. Copy and paste to the message box here, one per line. White space (hitting the enter key) give you space to add any descriptions.


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Thank you poolguynj,

Here are some pics of our pool construction so far. Looking forward to getting the decking started along with our bar/bbq.

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Found your post very interesting as I am in also in Phoenix and believe we are using the same PB. We initially selected Crema travertine but after seeing your photos, I am definately leaning towards Sombretti. We also selected Blue Granite Pebble Sheen so interested to get your thoughts once it's been installed. Let me know what other features you added such as infloor cleaning, baja shelf bubblers, ozone, etc. Always great to get suggestions from others.

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Hi Nielsens2001,

It was interesting that you mentioned you were looking at Crema, we were on the other side looking at the Noche and went somewhere in the middle with the Sombretti. As far as options go, we did the copper scupper that is shown in the picture. We didn't do the infloor cleaning and opted for a Hayward Navigator. We added in LED lights for the kids, that should be pretty cool. We are going to add 2 fire pots on the columns and will be doing that ourselves with the pots from Phoenix Precast. We are also buiding a 12 x 4 ft. built in bbq island in which will also be topped with that Sombretti travertine. We are using California Pools and have had a good experience so far. Had a Cal Pool at our old house and it was great. Here is what the stone/slate we chose for the columns. Sounds like we are about 2 weeks from completion so I'll definitely snap some more pics as we get closer. Best of luck to you - if you have any questions or want me to post some additional pics just let me know.

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On your sheer descent waterfall, is that actuall copper or a copper color plastic?

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Our scupper is actual copper. Based on the product code on our contract I believe this is the actual brand.

We went with the smooth flow scupper 36".

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Thanks. We will have a 36" radius scupper that will go around a raised round wall. The one in our plan is white plastic, have not been able to get a cost comparison from PB if we went with actual copper. Do you mind me asking what the cost was for copper?

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There was not a breakout in our total price but I called Bobe and if I remember I think it was around $450 - you can call them just check the site. They provided me the price right away. I was doing a comparison between the radius scupper and the one that we are getting.

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Today is the day - guys are starting the Pebble Sheen this morning. Decided to go with Blue Granite based on all of the GREAT feedback on this site. Looking forward to "hoses in the pool" this weekend.

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If you are unsure about the enhancer I say go ahead and do it. If you don't like it in 4-6 months the sun will turn that enhanced look back to almost where it was at the start. Stone may keep 20% of the color at 6 months. Then again your stone looks like it may not "enhance" a great deal. Hard to say. Our travertine out front and on back patio really look nice once enhanced. A small sidewalk we have on the side of the house has a different travertine:( and shows very little diff once enhanced. You will want to seal your BBQ top for sure.

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Neilaz - thank you for the feedback and recommendation. What kind of enhancer/sealer did you use? By the way - again this is brand new build but we have noticed just walking around that there are several places that feel hollow. Did your deck settle in over time? They used silica sand to lock in our pavers and I noticed that after the PebbleSheen crew hosed off our deck almost ALL of the sand washed out. I have also noticed that around the outside edge of the deck, there are many of the edge pieces that have already loosened up or come completely out of the small mortar edge around. I know our PB will take care of this - just slightly concerned here being a "newbie" with sand set travertine pavers.

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Over on our coast, pool builders typically concrete or flex bond the borders around sand set travertine pavers. Keeps everything from sliding around.

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Since your PB didn't use polymeric sand (it will turn hard once you water it) you can still get a joint stabilizer which will also harden the sand so it will not wash out. Did this to our front walk 3+ years ago and you can hose it off without the sand coming out. I used surebond from pioneer rock but there are other brands as well.

Here is a link that might be useful: surebond

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bryanaz- please post some pictures once your pool is started and the water turns true to color. I just started chemicals in my pool yesterday after having Aqua Blue PebbleSheen and new tile done (Verona Tondela Blue). The water had a weird hue to it out of the tap but is turning a wonderful deep blue after just a day of filtering and circulation with chemicals.

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Hi rmrc12,

I am sure htat Aqua Blue PebbleSheen will look incredible. Here is a link with some pics following chlorination.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of our pool

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Looks great. Our pool is 25 years old so when we decided to resurface and tile the pool we considered all sorts of options for changing the shape and design. But in the end it would have run $$$$ instead of $$ so PebbleSheen and tile it is. Here's a couple pictures of the Aqua Blue after a day of chemicals (please excuse the dead grass from the pool company!), though the camera just can't do the true color justice. Different angle/time of day, different water color. The water probably needs a few more days of circulation for the end color to come through but I think it's probably pretty close. We really struggled with the Aqua Blue / Blue Granite decision.

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I am in Central Florida and have a tumbled travertine deck in a french pattern. I chose not to seal and and happy with the result. It has been about 2 years since the install.

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Request some adult supervision here. I'm a challenged try to fix-it type so your guidance is appreciated. I have tumbled travertine on my patio and outside deck. I have some moss growing in the cracks on the travertine that's inside the patio area, the outside travertine is still nice but fading in color some. Q: 1- best way to kill and remove moss. 2-After cleaning (power washing) do I need to spread fine sand into the natural cracks before sealing?. 3- what sealer do you suggest? I live in hot Florida. Thank you.

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Could someone please tell me if I should consider tumbled or not for outdoor use around pool and lanai? The regular has richer color than the tumbled. Is tumbled less slippery?

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rmrc....Your pool looks great. Our pool is 25 yrs old too and we are going for a remodel. So hard to decide what to do. So expensive. We have the bullnose brick too, just like yours. Did you put spotter tiles on your steps??

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