All cream and white quilt

biwako_of_abiMay 21, 2010

The recipient said she wanted it all white, so I used WOW, COW (cream on white), solid white, and solid cream to get some variety for the traditional blocks.

I made this as a present for a dear friend who made special meals and for several months drove about 1&1/2 hours each way to bring them to us for DH when he was first ill, or sent them by FedEx when she couldn't come. Now she and her husband are going back to Japan permanently, and I wanted to show our appreciation. She and her son came to see us yesterday and I just managed to finish the quilt in time.

Wouldn't you know?--I thought I had all Tuesday to finish binding the last two sides and making the label, but had to make some special food for DH in the morning and then ended up wasting a large part of the rest of the day getting a leaky radiator in his car fixed.

I had to do a certain amount of piecing, but the back is a pretty Moda(?) batik that I had saved for something special. In the middle of the back of each block, I used a Pigma pen to write the name of each pattern on the front.

The label quotes Proverbs 17:17, about a companion sticking closer than a brother in times of distress, which is what she was for us over the past couple of years. She teared up when she read it.



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Great job and I know she will cherish it! She certainly showed her devotion for you and your DH by her actions.

I love creams and white together....seems to say 'elegant' to me.


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You did a beautiful job, what a challenge, white, white, white.

I think your solution of the WOW, COW & white & cream is very clever & works really well. That's quite a gorgeous quilt you've got there; I was prepared to dislike it from the sound of it & its absence of color, but your innovative solution really does give it color & texture. Well done indeed, I hope you're proud of this great accomplishment!

What a splendid way to honor the friendship.

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That's beautiful -- your friend will love it. Very clever use of the "whites."

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It's beautiful!! I agree it's really classy looking, the backing is perfect. What a great friend.
Is it QAYG???

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Thank you all. Since I was by no means happy to have to make an all cream and white quilt, it is nice to have it turn out well enough to please fellow quilters--and the recipient, of course. I rather like it myself, now it is done, but it wasn't fun. I kept confusing the materials when cutting it out. I cut out all the pattern pieces at once before doing any sewing, putting them in ziploc bags labeled with the names of the patterns. When I got around to sewing, I found that I had to recut some of the pieces for several of the blocks because they were the wrong "color" and didn't contrast enough.

Yes, Rosa, it is QAYG. I quilted each block separately and then machine-sewed them together so's to get squares on the back. Then I covered the seams in front with sashing and did a fancy machine stitch down the middle of the sashing, which looks a bit like a lace close-up.

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I made a small crib QAYG (7 inches blocks) and found it was way to stiff for a baby to cuddle with. I think the trick is using the larger blocks. Yours looks perfect and is reversible. I plan to try another with 12 inch blocks.
Although it is beautiful I can understand how working with colors so close to looking alike would be hard. I never thought of COW lol!
How is your husband doing now??

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Very special and touching. She gave you a wonderful gift and you've returned it. Good friends are precious.

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That is so special and very classy.

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This is beautiful! Sorry so late to comment; I never look over here.

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Thanks to the rest of you, too! Bozogardener's comment brought me back here, and then I saw that Rosa asked about my husband's condition. He is still doing well, about 2 years and 5 months from the diagnosis of a 5cm cancer in his liver. So far, no metastases have been found. The cancer is now about 1/2 the size it originally was, and he is feeling good--just has to be careful to rest when he gets tired. He tends to want to overdo when he has the energy. In June, his liver specialist told us that when DH refused chemo, radiation, or an operation (very dangerous), right from the start, he thought that DH wouldn't last more than about 4 months. But here he is!

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Been a while since I have checked this end of the form, and I must say that I really love the creme/white color combination and how elegant the finished piece looks.

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Thanks, Barbara. I haven't been around the quilting forums much lately--got too busy with polymer clay and making things with it to sell. But I still love quilts and fabrics, and I know there will be times when I want to make another quilt as a present for someone.

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