New Paver brick patio ...bricks have white marks.

pammy_joJune 1, 2007

All the bricks have these white marks...calcium deposits? Something like that? The contractor said it was from them all being together and that the sand will draw it out and it will go away after it rains a few times.

Is this right? It's such an amazing beautiful patio, but the white marks almost look like scratches and I'm being impatient. Is there something I can do to speed the process? I want it too look clean and nice.

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I don't think it will wash away with rain. Take pictures of it and bring it to a mason supply store. They might have a product that will dissolve it.
Muriatic acid might be a solution. It all depends on what the chemical composition of the white substance. You need to be very careful with this product and wear protective gloves, goggles, long sleeves, long pants, etc...
An internet search should give you the correct safe method of diluting and testing it on the bricks.

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