are 12 inch draws useful?

chinchetteMarch 13, 2013

I am planning an Ikea kitchen. I am using so far, (2) 30 inch base cabinets with three drawers, and (2) 15 inch base three drawers. If I switch to a 12", would it be useful enough?

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Why are you switching to 12"? Is it a question of using a 15" cabinet or 12" or is it a 12" cabinet vs no cabinet in that area?

Also, I would think that a 12" might be better as a 4-drawer set...things that you are likely to put in a narrower drawer are also more likely to be shallower.

Have you determined what you are putting in each of your drawers? That will help you a lot more to figure out what will be useful and won't for you.

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I have one 12 inch drawer that will be above my tray pull out next to the range. It is for my oven mitts and trivets. You will have about 9 inches of room in that drawer, so you'll have to figure out if that's enough for what you want it to do.

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Pot holders and trivets in ours, too. Right next to the range--perfect spot and perfect size!

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The first question is to ask what you will store there.

I have a 15" stack in framed cabs in my prep zone. Interior usable width is 12". This stack is immensely helpful to me, but I planned my storage carefully. I posted some pics of the drawer contents in that stack in the tread below.

I don't think I'd enjoy a 12" 3-drawer stack nearly as much. Very deep drawers 9" wide don't store much very efficiently because of the narrowness and having to dig for items in such a deep space.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pics of my drawers

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Hi. This is a flip house I am doing. Its Ikea, so its frameless.
Okay, I think I should stick with the 15" drawers. If so, would you get them in 4 drawers or three? Don't forget, there will also be the 30" base cabinets. There will also be a 24" wide pantry.

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My favorite Ikea 15" combination is a top drawer and a pullout door underneath attached to a deep drawer, with interior shallow drawers.Something like the attached picture but with a top drawer with separate drawer face.Also, this picture depicts a deep drawer in the middle. The shallow drawers are more practical in this application. It's really easy to open the main door , see what level your wanted item is on, and pull that out. To shut it, I give the large door a push with my leg and all the drawers pop back in place nicely with the Ikea soft close mechanism. The interior drawers are easy to change so that they can be completely customized for the height of the items you want to store, you are not limited to the height of the drawer faces.

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Thanks Scrappy. I will check that out. I do love that they have so many options. So on this one, you can change the heights when you want?

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Hey Scrappy. I don't think they still make the one with top draw with separate drawer face. I can't find it anywhere. What do you think about it if that option isn't on it?

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