Crumb Special

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMay 27, 2009

At this point, this is 18 1/2" (unfinished). My thought is to make 6 (2 across and 3 down) using the same purple star points (DH called it an X) and also using the same purple for a sashing with white cornerstones. It was hurting my eyes to look at the crumbs next to each other....or else I have to be more organized that I thought!


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I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The colors are so vibrant, this will make a gorgeous baby, teen, or me quilt LOL!!!!

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Oh, I like that Sharon. The 'X' really gives it punch. I know what you mean about the crumbs being next to each other.I didn't like them that way. I was thinking of separating them with a sashing of some kind but I like what you've done. It will make a great quilt. I won't be doing anything with my crumbs for a while yet---too many 'needs-to-be-finished' projects.


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Thanks, Rosa, This won't be a 'me' quilt as I'm usually ready to get the quilts I work on out of the house by the time they're done. Or did you mean a 'Rosa' quilt? @:)

Geraldine, I shouldn't be doing anything with my crumbs either, but sometimes if I don't put the blocks together when I get the idea, I forget what I had planned to do.....or even that I had planned to do it! Right now I have one quilt that absolutely needs to be finished by the end of this weekend! I'm doing some handquilting on it and that's what's holding it up. Oh well.....


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Cute crumbs!! I agree that they need a bit of separation. My pile is growing, but I'm not sure what I'm going to do with them.


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