What type of plants to use around pool in AZ?

gd2gardenMay 29, 2007

If you live in the Phoenix area or another hot climate tell us what plants work good for you around the pool. We have a flagstone border around the back side of our pool and would like to put some plants behind it. What looks nice, is fairly hardy and not too messy?



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Your new pool looks great! So jealous of your large yard. What kind of look are you going for? Natural to our climate, oasis, tropical?

I don't have much going on in the backyard as of yet, waiting on the pool reno to finish first. Thus far I have an Autralian (or Weeping) Willow, the only tree & some prurple fountain grass used to disguise the Qwest box. The willow is great, as it doesn't drop anything & should provide some nice shade. I found a listing of pool friendly trees from the Dave the Graden Guy website.

Very interested in seeing what others say, as that is my next step!

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I bought two Bird of Paradise plants at Costco. These are the ones with the leaves that look like banana plants. Will this tolerate the sun for part of the day?

I'm not sure if we want to plant any trees in this area. We already have a bunch of mesquite, palo brea and citrus in different parts of our yard so maybe not. What plants would be good that are maybe 3 or 4 feet tall at the most, but not too messy. Then we'll probably add in some annuals for color.

I like Dave the Garden Guy so I'll check out his info on the internet too. Thanks for the tip.

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fauxnecian, I just found this link on an old forum post. Members also mentioned hibiscus, pygmy date palms and cannas.

Here is a link that might be useful: poolside plants

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The purple fountain grass is a great choice. I hardly ever water mine. My MIL has a few tropical BOP plants that are on the that get mostly shade. They do very well, but I don't really know how much sun they will tolerate. The mexican BOP comes in yellow that grows more like a small tree as opposed to the orange which is a bush.

I just bought a bunch of lantana and more fountain grass yesterday. I also bought two orange jubilees which are sort of tropical looking. I have never grown these before so I can't give advice on those yet. You're always safe with sage, salvia, penstemon(sp?), lantana, verbena, and brittlebush.

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Thanks Gd2garden! I will check out that link. I love channel 3 & Dave the Garden Guy. :)

Housefull is right about the ftn grass, mine pretty much gets ingored & it does great! Anohter cool thing I was turned on to this year is New Zealnd Flax, another grass. I warn you, it is not cheap, but it is pretty. I was able to find it at HD. I will try to post some pics for you later.

Lanatana is easy to grow, another one that takes neglect well. There is a bushy lanatana & a spreading/trailing lanatana too. I am just starting to branch out to new things, after 7 years in this home. Oh & the Society Garlic too is another pretty easy one. Also the cana's that HF suggested, they will spread!

While we have heat here, it all depends on your sun/shade too. I have ferns in the front yard & they do great, but they are shaded.

Let me see if I can post some pics.

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I couldn't figure out to get the pics in the post, so here is a link. These aren't the prettiest pics, but I hope they will do. My pond (front yard) had lantana through out, but I dug that all out this spring & planted all new stuff. It's not that pretty right now, but we still enjoy it. The NZ flax I was telling you about is pictured too. You will also see the ftn grass & my pool, which is being demo'd as we speak.

Hope this works!


Here is a link that might be useful: Yard pics

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I'd recommend going to see a garden center/nursery that specializes in native plants. Yes, I know some are a bit weedy looking, but there are a number of plants that thrive on fierce sun and heat (in N. TX) and are quite good-looking!

Although we have a sprinkler system, I really don't plan on using it except to get plants established or to help the plants out in extended droughts. We received a number of excellent suggestions for our area that's in full sun all day long around the pool; many of them houseful already suggested...lantana, verbena, salvia greggii, etc.

Be sure to take a look, and maybe post your question, over in another Garden Web forum just for those of you in AZ.

Here is a link that might be useful: Arizona gardening

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The Bird of Paradise you are taking about will not due well if it gets sun past say 10:00am. Even then that would push it a bit.

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All good comments. Thank you for being such a great resource. We'll need to do our homework now and figure out some sort of landscape plan around the pool.

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Gd2garden, Thought of you this weekend. I was at Lowe's & bought the Sunset Western Landscaping book. I had an earlier book from the late 90's, but like this version much better! Another great book is there Western Plant guide book, for me that's the plant bible.

Also wanted to add that I went to Lowe's & found what looks like a couple of great pool area plants.

Agapanthus - long, thick green leaves with purple flowers
Pampass grass - green, wide & bushy - gets to 5 ft tall!
Hevenly Bamboo
Kangaroo Paw
Bottle Palm

I think there were a few more, but I don't have my list in fronmt of me. I am considering at least the first two, post remodel.

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We have a Queen palm, lantana, and some other little palm trees. The lantana completely froze in Jan. and we cut it back to nothing. Now they are HUGE and need to be cut back. The little palms also froze and are coming back but not as quick as the lantana. We also have some other kind of green blade plant. Our landscaper told us that it didn't have flowers but it does. They are yellow w/ black centers. Not too crazy about the flowers but I really like the plant.

Here's a pic of the plants back in March or April when they were first beginning to grow back. I'll have to get a pic of them now.

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I can't see any pics on here tofay, very annoying! But from what you described (with out seeing it) it sounds like it might be a lily? They have smooth green blades, kind of grass like with small (small compared to the greenery) yellow flowers with dark centers, usually multiple blooms. Does that sound about right? The samll palms might be the Phoenix (or pigmy date palm). I have one that is quite hardy now, but our rare frost did a number of the palns too.

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Fauxnecian, thanks for thinking of us! I'm going to take your list and check them out at Lowes. It is always so helpful when you can get feedback from people and see what has worked for them. The pictures like mommyniki's are great too. It will probably take us a little while, but I'll post some pics when we do get some plants in.

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Mommyniki, I see you have a basketball hoop on the left side of your picture. Is that one that has a sleeve in the side of the deck or ground? We need to get one of those. I saw one in Paddock's ad, but it was almost $300. Are they that much? I'm still wondering how basketball is going to work with no fence around our pool. I told my DH that I'm not going to be chasing that ball through the gravel all the time : ) I guess we'll see what happens! We might need a lot of water balls.

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gd2garden- Yes that is a b-ball hoop. It is just one from Wal-Mart. WAY cheaper. We just had to cut a small piece off of the pole and didn't use one of the pieces. We need to get a return for under the basket. That will save on some of the retrieval of balls.

The basketball sleeve was another thing that didn't quite go right for us. We didn't think about where the pipes were before they backfilled the pipes so when they came to do the concrete the pipes were in the way so they couldn't put the sleeve closer to the pool. It still works though.

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