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Name_not_availableMarch 28, 2013

I am in the market for about 34LF of quality cabinetry. Either cherry or maple with glazed finish. Looking for bells and whistles, but only want to pay for the bell....
as of now
Bridgewood Advantage

So give it all to me--good, bad and ugly! knowing dealer mark-up just torques me no end. How do I manage my expectations so that the dealer makes his margin and I leave happy?
Any input appreciated.

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So what do you think dealer markup is? And why should cabinets be any different than jeans or canned goods?

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We are getting Bridgewood Advantage installed in a few weeks. I am beyond thrilled with the thought! The mark-up from the KD doesn't bother me at all. For all of the work she did--9 revisions--she deserves to be paid. Better price than the big box stuff. More bells and whistles, too!

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Bells and whistles...but only want to pay for bells? Nice. Check out the youtube video below and see if anything clicks after watching it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vendor Client relationship in real world

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Green Designs - actually canned goods are different. I only know this because way back when my dad contracted with the canned fruit and veggie people to design and produce the labels for their goods. The mark up on canned goods is in the territory of cents per can. Jeans, on the other hand, are pretty much like all retail goods. If the store pays $15 for a pair, they sell them for $30.

But you're right, everyone along the supply chain needs to get their fair share of the pie as it takes all of those people to get the product from the forest to your kitchen.

Name - The various cabinet companies regularly offer promotions which can get you interesting amounts of $ off. Best deals are probably when both the manufacturer and the retail outfit are offering concurrent deals. Sometimes the deals are on the total and sometimes the deals are things like "free" sink bases or finished sides. If your schedule is flexible, finalize your plan and then hang on until you like the deal on offer.

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KentWhitten--love the video!!

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