Polaris Hose Damaged

lion1143May 9, 2011

My Lab got a hold of the hose-she kind of just plays with it in the water. Looked like fun until I saw a couple of streams shooting out of the hose. Is there any kind of waterproof tape I can try? I see that these hoses are quite expensive. Any help would be appreciated.


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Any tape will change the way the hose bends due to the lost flexibility. That will have a significant effect one the way the Polaris travels in the pool.


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I saw a waterproof tape with the duct tape at Walmart last night. Scott's probably right, but if you only need a couple of small pieces to patch tooth marks it might be worth a try. IF it doesn't work right with the tape, at least you've bought some time to work on teaching the dog to go after other things. ;-)

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Ask your pool guy for a replacement. If he is like me, he has tons of extra pieces from smaller installs where the hose had to be cut down. May need another swivel or two to piece it together, but might be worth a shot.

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Just a follow up. I got some White Vinyl Electrical tape from Lowes and It's working and doesn't look bad either!
thanks for the input!

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