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annkathrynMarch 11, 2013

I've received a number of emails from GW posters over the past few months with questions about my kitchen and/or bathrooms. Please, if you haven't enabled your email through GardenWeb, there is no way to respond! To fix that, go to Your Profile and check the box on the bottom of the page that says:

Allow other users to send you email via forms at our site.

Thank you!

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annkathryn, thank you for posting this as I had the exact same thing happen this weekend. Someone emailed me with a specific question about my countertop but their email was not enabled though GW. I even searched for what their "name" (handle?) appeared to be and came up empty. I suppose I could respond on the thread I had posted on back in July . . .

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Yup. Happens regularly. I either respond on the thread if it's information that might not be readily ascertained from a search or is very situation specific, but if it's information that would be easily gotten by even a simple search of the Forum, I'm afraid I just don't respond. I can't. Not even a brief, note.

Please enable your email if you want a response to your questions.

And, a thank you would be nice so that we know that you have read the information.

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I, too, have had this happen a couple of times within the past month & each time posted a new thread answering whatever question was asked - & not so much as a peep out of the questioner. No more!

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I just did this. I had no idea that mine was not enabled.

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Too bad GW doesn't enable intra-forum member sender/receiver responses as some forums do. No real need to go to outside private email.

And a big "thank you" to anyone I've asked questions of. While doing this remodel, it's been appreciated.

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