Finished this one today.....

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLApril 30, 2007

I did another one like this only pinks and purples. A gal saw that one and wanted one just like it only with the colors reversed. I really didn't like making this. Liked making the hearts, though.

I have one more that I absolutely want to get done before my trek up north for the summer and I haven't even gotten it started! Can't decide on a pattern.....she wants it with dolphins and med and bright blues......I wonder if I just go buy some dolphin fabric and it'll come to me.


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Love the quilt, way too much math on the borders for me though. Mind if I "borrow" the heart pattern, I think it would make a nice quilt.


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Thanks, Beverly. Sorry about the pic being so large, and it's straight even though it looks wavy in the pic.....yes, lots of measuring for those strips. Sure, go ahead and use the heart pattern.....

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I have one GD that would love this and the other would love the dolphins.
It was probably too easy for you and that is why you didn't like making it. You are very talented!!

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