Help - Hayward Heater - Ignition Failure (IF) Problem

john888May 24, 2008

Hi. I just had my pool installed last summer. Now when I tried to start up the heater for the first time this spring I got an Ignition Failure (IF) error. The heater turned on, attempted to light, and then shut down again. After 3 attempts it went into standby mode and just flashes the error "IF". I tried several times with the same result.

The gas valve by the meter is on, and the gas valve going into the heater is on.

What can I try to get the heater to work? I don't know a lot about pool heaters, but I'd hate to call a gas guy and find out I forgot to flick a switch or something...

Any suggestions?



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Either a bad igniter or plugged burner orifice(s)

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Thanks. As it turns out all I had to do was "flick a switch". In addition to opening the valves, there was an on/off switch that I had to turn on inside the heater.

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You know, sometimes you get ridiculed for asking the obvious so I didn't. Is the gas on? Is the gas valve on? Is there water in the pool? Shame on me. Glad you got it going.

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I am facing the same problem as John.
John, If you see this or anybody else who knows which switch to flick and where it is located that would be great if they can let me know.


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