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new2buildingJune 14, 2012

Hello, We are building a new house with a plan for a Trex deck in Minnesota - I've read reviews of older Trex decks/products but was wondering if decks build in 2011 an 2012 have been seeing the same issue with spots and flakes?

Thank you.

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My experience with Trex is 3 to 5 years down the road, some of the boards start to decompose with UV exposure. The surface gets rough, and then just starts decomposing. You can dig into it with a fingernail!

This happens to me with about 10% of all the Trek boards installed in the sun. I built several Trex decks, but stopped using it in 2008, when the problems became evident. My climate is northern california, which is pretty mild. It never gets really hot or cold, nor too dry or too moist. I believe extremes in temperature or moisture would accelerate the deterioration of the product.

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I installed Trex several years ago and it warps like CRAZY It looks better than the wood deck and the up keep is easier, but I would go with a poly deck if I could have do overs. I live in Michigan and have sun/shade on a 9 x 12 deck. No rails. I put in benches all the way around

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We also had a Trex deck and the boards warped very badly. We finally tore it out and put in a stamped concrete patio.

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we put in trex deck about 15 years ago and have had none of the above stated problems. it is a shore home (NJ about a mile from bay, 3 miles from ocean) and in the sun about 4 hrs a day (there are trees around it). it does need to be power washed, it does get mold/dirt marks in certain areas but nothing a good power washing doesn't remove. we do it about once every 3 years. for the most part (95%) we have had no problems with it.

it is grey and just got darker but not that much.

it is raised up to the second floor and there is a concrete patio beneath it.

the steps are also made out of trex and also the handrails.

no complaints. i guess we are lucky after reading all these negative reviews.

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I also haven't had any warping or other decay/mold issues. Both full sun and shade here.
Maybe their joists are the concern? If affixed correctly it wouldn't be warping. Maybe someone can add a pic of this warping?
I love mine and often wondered if all of the negativity was BS?

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(REQUEST to those who answer: would you please tell us what particular product of Trex you used? example: Transcend, Escapes, Enhance, etc. They're different so I'm hoping to decipher the good stuff from the bad stuff. THX)

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sorry, i don't know/remember. this was done awhile ago like i said (about 15yrs.) and i wasn't really involved in the decision. maybe go back in time and see what was available then. they might not have had as many choices.

it does get warm but not burning hot that you can't walk on it.

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We have Trex Transcend in the grey color and it looks just as beautiful as the day it was installed. It's been three years and I would do the same again. Not hot to walk on in bare feet and extremely slip resistant. We live where it gets plenty of rain. We still love our deck.

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kristianne: thanks for being specific in your reply and it's really nice to know that people are experiencing good things about Trex and not just bad. Wonder if the OP ever purchased anything? We are still in the process of selecting and considering the PVC type decking or composite. We're trying to find out if Trex Escapes is reputable? So it's greatly appreciated that you specified Transcend in your post as manufacturers have different products and people tend to name the manuf. only vs. the specific product they're giving pros and cons about! Apreesh!

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"manufacturers have different products and people tend to name the manuf"

Especially after they turn out garbage and end up involved in class action lawsuits.

Just like Black & Decker wrecked their name with cheap tools, Trex wrecked theirs with a defective product.

No one wants to be the next guinea pig.

Especially if I am going to be in the line with a customer when anything goes wrong.

Better to refuse to use a product than have your reputation damaged.

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brickeyee: From posts on other website questions you appear to be an astute & fair minded person & I feel the statement above about not wanting to be "the next guinea pig" is exactly why I'm nervous about Trex. I was hoping their products might be greatly improved esPECially after a class action lawsuit, thus looking for comments. I even started my own thread asking particularly about Trex Escapes (a PVC) and not a single reply to date (probably because folks are sick to death of repeating that we should steer clear of Trex, period!). You're probably right regarding your comparison with Trex to B&D tools. Too bad for Trex.

On the flip side...I know from experience that it is POSSIBLE for a manufacturer to have one great product while all the rest of their product line has better stuff sold by competitors. I was hoping (wishful thinking) this might be the case with the Trex Escapes. Should we risk it????? I'm not sure...and thinking...not.

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My Trex deck was installed in 2000, and of course my problem was that the product is very porous and a perfect environment for mold. Despite bleach and cleaning agent applications two to three times per year, every time it rains the mold spots are instantly obvious over the entire deck surface.

Trex customer service has been terrible. They denied my claim application in 2008, and because my deck was installed in 2000, I am not eligible to be part of the current Class Action Lawsuit, which only covers decking installed starting in 2004. I have never gotten an explanation about why that date was used, especially since the older version of the product is likely more defective.

Out of principle, though I doubt their product is much better now, when I finally can afford to replace my deck it will not be Trex. My only other option is to remind people about the product and company's performance as a predictor of future performance.

Bill C.

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Trex installed thirteen years ago and it is structurally as perfect as the day we installed it. It has faded, but otherwise is as good as new.

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Don't waste your money on Trex decking. It fades terribly and Trex doesn't stand behind their warranty. The class action suit is a joke! Trex gets to determine if you qualify and there are so many hoops to jump thru and forms to fill out they make it impossible. We sent a sample of our decking that was left over and a small piece that had been exposed and photos of our decking regarding the fading and of course it wasn't good enough. I would definitely shop other forms of composite decking if we were to do it again.

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