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renov8rJune 1, 2011

We are repairing our front porch roof. It is arched and it is gradually spreading out over the 2 columns at the front due to lack of support. It is about 6 inches wider at the front of the roof than the roof is over the door. For years it has had a wire rod connecting the 2 sides at the top but this is not working. Any suggestions what I could do? I want it to look architecturally pleasing. My contractor suggested putting a 2x6 board where the rod is now at the front and then connect 2x4 beams from the mid point up to the roof in a fan starting at the centre of the support beam. It is an older stone home.

I don't know how to download a picture of it from my desktop.

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I think it needs a complete disassembly to see how you could better fit a steel tension bar from beam to beam, at the front. A come-along (ratcheting cable tie-down) will pull it back to its original shape, and a well-planned steel bar or rod attached to the beams, not the trim, will keep it there. The steel can be amazingly thin and low-profile. It is better if the brackets actually wrapped over the outside surface of the beams (the top edge of the beam, which is where the outward thrust is being delivered by the rafters), so the bolts would not be under constant withdrawal stresses. 3/8" rod welded to two of the heaviest L brackets you can find would be ideal.

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