MegstooJune 26, 2013

My deck is in horrible looking. The boards are starting to crack, splinter and 1 is starting to rot. I really need to tear it down and have it rebuilt however I don't have the money for it right now. (13k for a new wood deck because of the size) anyways I keep seeing the Behr deckover stuff. I looked into the rustoleum and I don't like the texture since it feels like walking on stones.

I'm not a fan of Behr products (I only use Sherwin Williams paints/stains) however this product peaked my interest. Does anyone have any experience with it? The size of my deck is currently 20x25 and is stained a horrid yellow/mustard color (previous owners did it) which luckily isn't flaking. Do I need to strip this first? I'm worried if I do the boards will literally shred.

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Looks interesting. The instruction say to remove any peeling paint, so it sounds like as long as the paint is adhering well, you can paint over it. There are some youtube videos also ifyou are interested.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deckover

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We just used it on our deck 2 weeks ago! So far so good and we haven't done the second coat yet due to weather. I walked barefoot on it a few times, it feels very similar to the other section of our deck which is composite decking. I can't wait to get the second coat on there! It was easy to apply with a roller, and dry time was about a day or so (although packaging says 48 hours before heavy traffic). Good luck!

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Any feedback so far, e.g. filling in cracks, scratching when moving furniture?

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I'm still interested in feedback on this product. Other Internet reviews are mixed.

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I'm interested in this, too. DH wants to use this on our deck this coming weekend, but I am a little doubtful.

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My dad and I tried this on his deck and NEVER again. We went incredibly slow and the weather was perfect so no issues with rain, humidity etc. It took forever to apply and forever to dry not to mention several cans of it. The color (chocolate brown) had a pink undertone to it. The "paint" is peeling already and just looks horrible. The deck was about 8 years old and just needed to be freshened up. Because of all the stuggles and how it now looks we'll be replacing the base of the deck in the upcoming weeks.

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Are you serious?? I've heard similar reports. My neighbors used it a few weeks ago and it is holding up, but it's really too soon to tell. I know they were unhappy with their color, too. :(

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From my perspective anything Behr is not a good product. And products that tend to be a cure all or fix all are generally crap as well!

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I'm doing my deck in semi-transparent Australian Timber Oil. I called Lowes today and they suggested I use outdoor stainable plastic wood to fill the creacks before finishing. My cracks are wide and deep because the cedar deck is over 12 years old. I stain it every 2-3 years. Anyone tried this? It costs $11,98 a quart. Will take several quarts but that is a lot cheaper than 13 to 15 gallons of the Behr product.

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We completed our deck product recently using a similar product. We were happy with the results, especially considering the cost of a new deck or composite.

Here is a link that might be useful: DeckREFORM

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