Question about coping in pool remodel

ladoladiMay 26, 2011


As part of a pool remodel--resurfacing and new waterline tile--how would coping be installed? Currently, the pool just has a concrete deck and the concrete goes right to the pool edge and rolls over. Would they have to rip up the concrete around the pool, or does the coping get laid on top of this?

Thank you.

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What you have now is cantilevered concrete. Yes, it would have to be saw cut out to install a different type of coping.

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Thank you! It was probably an obvious and silly question, but I appreciate you answering. It helps me to gauge a little better the scope (and cost) of the work we're thinking of doing.

Since I'm also re-tiling (or maybe going with pavers) the covered patio area between the house and the concrete pool deck, I'm wondering if we're making a mistake by not also paving (and adding coping) to the pool deck. Since the deck has a screened lanai (can't really live without it in central Florida), it seems like it would involve a lot of different people and jobs and add significantly to the cost, but maybe this is the time to get it all done, since I'm already doing pool surface and patio?

Thanks again!

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Since you already have a base (pool deck) for the pavers it might not cost to much to do that area. Glue down the outer row throw sand in the middle and set pavers

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