Deck Landing and Stair Width

aloha2009June 8, 2014

We are building a wood platform (TBD size) with approximately 7 steps to a lower level of the yard. Low to the ground on a gradual slope.

The wood platform will extend out from a patio to approx. 9' (length) to where there will be steps at the end. We need to place a secondary path on the side. Since it will be different material, it only has a small impact on the decking.

We're debating about the width of both the stairs and the platform.

We're leaning toward 6' for the platform portion. We want it to be wide enough to encourage the "departure" to the lower level w/o being too much of a focal point.

The steps will straddle the current retaining wall (yes we know this isn't ideal). On the lower level we like the look of 4' wide steps but it feels awkward going from a small platform to even smaller steps. Having wider steps though IMO would make the steps seem less steep (a 7" tread to 10" riser - using a prefab cut stringer).

I've looked at Houzz a lot but being this whole thing is a bit make shift, nothing quite seems to address what we're doing.

What would you do, and why.


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A photo of the area in question would be helpful.

In general, I'd keep the steps the same width as the platform. I don't understand your statement that "wider steps would make the steps seem less steep."

And you did mean 7" riser and 10" tread, right?

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