Aluminum fence - How much did you pay installed?

oakrunfarmMay 20, 2008


We are getting close to completion on our new pool (yay!), and I need to be making a final decision on the fencing.

I think a black metal (aluminum? steel/iron?) one around 4' is the choice.

We have some challenges topography-wise, and this is part of a new build, so we are not going to have time for a dyi.

Could I get some prices that y'all have paid per foot installed so I will have some comparison prices?

Also, if anyone can recommend a good fence company in N.C., please let me know.

Thanks! :)

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i am in the same boat, also in NC. I called one place and they wanted 125.00 per foot for aluminum!. I laughed at them and I am now considering ordering it online and installing it myself since everyone has told me that it is really easy and costs approx 12.00 per foot.

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Oakrunfarm and Ducter,
I'm in PA, and last summer spent $27 per foot for 54" high Delgard Guardian. I went with 2" posts, 5/8" bars, 4" OC. The price also included two fancy gates (one 4' and one 8'). Price was product plus installation. I too had some topographical challenges - heavy tree line on 30% of job. I shopped it among 3 companies. These guys were the best - Fence City. Common name - don't know of other locations. Hope this helps.

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I'm in FL and we got estimates for a 4' pool code aluminum fence and here it is $19 a linear foot plus the cost for gates and the magna locks.


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In north central TX we paid 23.00/l.f. installed for 6' ornamental metal (black powdercoat). The same in a 5' height would have been 18.00/ l.f. Much cheaper than the cedar fencing we had put in!

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We're in Orlando, and have the about the same price as shadyluv... $18/foot installed + $349 extra for each gate. Ideal Brand - Alamoo... 4' tall.

We opted to pay for install...


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Fence City has 4 ft fence for 43.00 for 6 feet, I wonder how good it is?

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Thanks so much for the input. The prices I am getting are ranging from around $20 to $30 per foot installed for aluminum.

I wish I could get the FL prices! :)

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