Flower Baskets

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLMarch 15, 2007

I finished this last night.....not my normal brights. Had started it in Jan, but somehow I took February off from quilting. I like the brown baskets (not sure but is this really called Cake Stand?) with the brown handles. I think I might have liked it better switching the brown ones in the center/ends with the 2 pinks that are in the center. Oh well, tis done now and it's on to the next one.


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I like it! Love basket blocks, anyway, but that brown and pink look pretty together.

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I love it just the way it is!!!
You make such beautiful quilts!!!!

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Love the brown! It looks more like a basket than a cake stand to me.


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It looks great! I've always loved pink and brown together. It looks like baskets to me. Great job!

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Scraphappy, Thank you.....I had never made baskets and then sort of got addicted to them.....I have more blocks made...enough for another quilt!

Rosa, Thank you very very much. For you to say that is a great pick-me-up!

Thanks, Beverly. I agree.....I never did think that Cake Stand pattern looked like a cake stand. Wouldn't that look great with some flowers appliqued between the handle and the basket? But, I don't do the A word if'n I don't have to.

Carolyn, Thank you.....I like pink and brown together, too. I delivered it today and she was pleased with it.


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I never made a basket till someone asked for one in the birthday swap. They can be addicting. I really like your basket very nice.


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Thank you, Nanci. I have 11 more made and am in the process of putting them together with a heart block for a Canadian friend. I think they'd probably look better on point, but I haven't gotten to that stage in my life yet. @:)


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That's charming. I've never done a basket block myself. The colors are very nice together.

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Sharon, that quilt is just lovely the way it is. You have done a great job on it and your color choices are just great. I love browns and pinks together. I think it gives the quilt a very romantic feel to it.

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Fran, I had never done a basket block either.....after the first one, I kinda got carried away. I have fabric cut out for a few more blocks, but I think the 'passion' might be over with for now. I'll keep them handy though, just in case.

Thank you, Lucy. I've been doing bright quilts for so long that I thought it was time for a break. Although, the kids (and a lot of the adults) really do like the brights! The recipient is sort of a low-key gal, so I thought this was more appropriate for her.


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