Two Speed Pump Run Time with Ozone

texasdadMay 27, 2011

We have a 13k gallon play pool with a Jandy 2 HP 2 speed pump. It also have a booster pump for the Polaris cleaner. The PB has it set up to only run on high and for the ozone to only operate when it is on high.

I thought the purpose of the two speed pump was to mostly run on low to save energy costs? Can the ozone be set to run when the pump is on low? How many hours a day should the pool run on each speed? How many hours a day should the ozone be on? The pump has to be on high and the booster pump on for the Polaris to work? How many hours per day should the Polaris run?


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I have the same equip /set up you have. My 2HP runs 24/7. Typically 20-22 hours on low and 2-4 hours on high when the booster also runs. We change it depending on the season. The ozone is set up to run 24/7. I don't think our ozone would be very effective if it only ran a few hours. Then again I'm no expert!

How many hours does it currently run on high?


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My pool has only been running for about two weeks. It has been running 24/7 on high. But the builder said after two weeks to change it to 4 hours on high 5 hours on low. Ozone only running when on high.

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OK I will share, just because seeing 24/7 pump run time kills me. There is no reason to run your pump that much. I run my salt pool keeping the free CL at 3-4 PPM roughly 5 hours per day.

Turn that water 1-2 times per day per volume with enough sanitizer to keep it clean. Pool builders will run it 24/7 easily, its not their money. So who cares?

Ridiculous. Goto register and post.
The folks there will help you figure out how much turnover, sanitization, etc.

DO NOT waste your money just running the darn pump.
Go educate yourselves.

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Problem is that we are talking about ozone, not saline, so a few hours a day wont do you any good with ozone.

Ozone is a gas. Has a very short effective life (think milliseconds). That means there is no residual protection when your pump is off.

BUT, depending on the ozone unit, you should be able to get some ozonation even on lower speeds. You would have to adjust the flow meter on the ozone unit to work at lower speeds, but most units can be adjusted.
I've used several different ozone units with variable drive pumps on lower speeds with good success.

Did your PB couple this ozone unit with a chlorine feeder?? Just a little chlorine will give you some residual protection when your equipment is off.

I would never do a stand-alone ozone unit unless the client was willing to run the system 18+ hours a day.

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The pool does have a chlorinater along with the Ozone. PB said the ozone would allow me to keep the chlorine levels lower.

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