Pics of my teen neighbor and her senior project

nana24March 20, 2008

In "conversations" I have shared that I'm teaching a teen neighbor to quilt as a senior project. She chose her fabric and I helped her find patterns for her blocks

as she wanted each to be different. She has done an excellent job.

Jordan at the sewing machine

Jordan pinning her quilt

Jordan basting her quilt

Jordan's quilt

She is a beautiful young lady inside and out.


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She's beautiful on the outside too Sally!!!!!!!!!!!
Please let Jordan know that I love her quilt blocks, she did a great job.
What kind of frame do you have???? I have a floor!!!!!!!

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I have two frames like this-one large and this one is for smaller things. They actually hang from the ceiling but since we aren't leaving it in the frame long I just used the backs of chairs. These are just strips of wood held together with C clamps. My DH made them for me and marked the inches beginning in the middle of the strip. It was the way my mother quilted.

Thanks for the compliments. I will tell Jordan.

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Jordan did a great job. Bet she feels proud of her work.She should. You should feel proud too-doing this with her is a wonderful thing. Kudos to both of you.

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Jordan is sooooo pretty! There aren't many teens that would stay with a project like this and see it thru. Good for her! Excellent, excellent job on the quilt (course, she had an excellent teacher, too!)!! What class is she doing this for?


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She is indeed a very lovely girl. I love her quilt, it reminds me of samplers we used to cross stitch. Don't you love it when young people learn old skills. Thanks for passing them on to her.


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Thanks everyone for your nice comments. Yes we are both quite excited. We will put the binding on this evening and she will be able to take it with her on a family trip and quilt the two middle blocks in a hoop and stitch the binding to the back. We have hand stitched on all the outer blocks while it was in the frame then she stitched in the ditch on either side of the sashing by machine. She is quite a trooper!

Sharon, this is an honors English class. They are supposed to chose something to learn to do that challenges them. They are to find someone who does it to teach them and they have to do research and write a paper. Then they have to present their paper and show the results of the project. It is a big project and all honors English students have been doing this at our local school for many years. Her brother who graduated last year learned to do taxidermy and stuffed a squirrel. The son of the lady who cuts my hair is making a computer from components-I hear he is almost finished. It seems strange for English but is a tradition for this school.

It is neat to have been part of it. Yes,Beverly, it is fun to teach a young person an old skill.

Thanks again,

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Hi Sally!!! Looks like your having fun !!
Its fun to work with young people.
Love the quilt she made .
I bet she got a good grade on it !!

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Don't know her total grade yet. Last I ask she had one more presentation to make. So far everything has been great. She got 100 on her product. She got a 4 out of 4 for my evaluation of her work. I look forward to her total grade by I am confident she will get an A.

Still look forward to meeting you, Betty. Won't be able to go next Sat to BOM. Going on a retreat with my DD.

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