Stained deck with TWP - looks like slpattered with white paint

jane_24June 24, 2009

Last summer, Old pine PT deck, powered wash and clean, then was told to stain with TWP with stain. Looked awesome, so proud......this spring, it has white all over it, looks like white paint splatter all over it, but NOT.

Tried to cover it up with more stain, but it won't take it. The white is smooth and slick, and won't take to the stain. I used the top of the line TWP with 3 year warranty. Anyone else ever have this problem???

It doesn't matter if it the shaded side or the sunny side, or if it was sprayed on like I did with the first gallon, or brushed on like I did with all the over areas. Doesn't matter if it was under a tree or not. put on thick or thin, it is everywhere on all 3 levels of my deck, but NOT on any of the upright underpending.

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Dammmmm Jane that could put a hitch in your get along.

After using twp 100 series for hmmmmm 12 years or so I never heard that one unless you got a batch of pt lumber with a lot of sap in it on that old pt deck. J.

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