Comfort Quilts for Boys

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLFebruary 11, 2009

These are the quilts I made using panels. I added borders, did some ditch stitching and gave them to DD3 and DGD to tie. I just put the labels on tonight and have them washed ready to give tomorrow. The animal one is flannel and I did a ragged binding that I saw somewhere.


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Hey Sharon, they came out well -- very cute. Lucky young boys they are!

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I love the animal one, so cute. Where did you find the panel?


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Thanks, Karen. DD will give them to the dad today. I like the quickness of making panels, but dread knowing how to quilt them because I'm not comfortable with free-motion. I've done some, and supposed I should just bite the bullet and do it. I did some on an underwater panel awhile back....I think it's posted here somewhere.

Beverly, A gal on another forum sent the flannel panel to me along with some other flannel. This is the first flannel quilt I've done...wish I would have had time to run it through the washer/drier a few more times to get the raggy binding better.


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Really cute!

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I love them both!!!!
I saw the raggy binding on another forum and I really like it on baby quilts.
You are making me look bad Sharon!!!!!!!

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Rosa, I make YOU look bad???? What about all that work you do in the yard making ME look bad???? HUH??? (chuckle)

The raggy binding was ok, but I still think I'd rather do the birthing method for utility quilts.

Gotta love those panels!


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