Sodapop Dreamscicle

aezarienFebruary 24, 2009

This is my second ever blanket and it is a pattern called Scrappy Sherbet by Gayle at Sentimental Stitches.

My sister left last August to spend a year in China. Previous to that we had went shopping together and she picked up several yards of this fabric in the colors below. When she left, she gave the fabric to me knowing how much I was in to sewing and such. I recognize what a sweet and thoughtful gesture that was but while her and I are so much a like in so many ways, we have totally different tastes in terms of style. The colors and patterns on the fabric are like the complete opposite of anything I would have picked out for myself. She likes that fun and bold youthful kind of stuff and I am more into the earth and jewel tones. So of course, it went in a box, hidden out of sight as not to damage my already dwindling eyesight. For what it is worth, working with the fabric literally gave me a few headaches during the course of the quilt construction; Truly a labor of love I would say.

So you know how it is, some fabrics are just hard to find a block pattern that really does them justice. Or maybe that is just me and my OCD slip showing. I spent several days pouring over patterns until I found this one.

The backing is split unevenly because it is a gift for my sister, for her homecoming, and I wanted to use just the fabrics she gave me. It just seemed appropriate. I did give it a different name, which felt kind of dirty at the time but unlike Gayle's beautiful quilt that most certainly looked like a Scrappy Sherbet, mine didn't quite hit that mark upon completion. For what it is worth though, and I hope it'll do, I did stay within the frozen treats genre.

All of the strips were time consuming to cut but... the quilt top came together rather quickly and easily and the instructions were fairly straight forward. It took me about eight days to complete and most of that was cutting and quilting. I cheated and used my embroidery unit to sew the heart for the label.

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If your sister chose the fabric, then she'll love her welcome home gift! I can see how you would have gotten a headache working on it....I would have, too. Good job!


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Wow, that's beautiful. I love the colors. She's going to love it!

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It does look like a Dreamscicle! She will love it.


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Thank you, thank you, and thank you, for taking the time to leave a comment.

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Tina, I have also worked on a project for someone else and did not care for the colors at all so I know how hard it is.
BUT, girl friend that quilt turned out beautiful and it is so great that your sister picked out the material.
She is going to love it!!!!

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Really think your quilt is wonderful. (Sisters are great!)
She is going to be so proud. Wish I could be a mouse to see her reaction.
I think your label is perfect and a great way to use your embroidery machine. I have used mine to do the quilting.
Happy home coming to both of you.


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Thank you Sally. I'm hoping she comes home for a short vacation before she starts the second six month interval.

I have considered using my embroidery attachment for doing some of the quilting but haven't really had time to sit down and try it.

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You did an AMAZING job, especially since the fabrics & colors are not of your choosing. Just superb, am imagining she'll be thrilled.

I hadn't thought about a label, am thinking of taking on a baby quilt for a friend's commission, would want a label I'd guess. I'll have to look into washable markers....

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What a great quilt you have made for your sister and she will treasurer it forever. I really love anything others make but I would have a migraine working with those fabrics! Hope you get a pic of your sis with her quilt.

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I like the fabrics, and I love how you put them together. Very nice job!


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This is a wonderful quilt. Your sister will love it!!!

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