Modified Bear Tracks

aezarienFebruary 24, 2009

Here is that nineteen inch block that I thought was going to be the end of me last week. It is from Larisa Key Designs and the pattern is called Bear Tracks in the Garden. It is labeled as being for an Experience Beginner/Intermediate. I have made two blankets and several other small quilting projects but this is my first attempt at using templates and triangles not made from squares. I would not say it was impossible but it was very challenging.

Because I was practicing, I used some scrap fabric from another project so please try to forgive the colors. The quilting was just a safe improvisation. After spending three days putting it together I was afraid I was going to mess it up if I experimented with it too much. I think I'll save that learning exercise for some panels or something lol.

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Looks good to me...and I really like how you quilted it. Using templates can be a challenge but sometimes that's a good thing. @:)


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Excellent. Your point look very precise.

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It looks very nice to me too. I really like it.


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Sharon - Challenging most definitely. I ripped the seams out of the first block so many times I finally had to leave it and start practicing on another block. I figured that one only had one more rip left in it before I would have to cut new pieces. I am really interested in creating art quilts like the ones you see on though so I am thinking that mastering that skill is a must.

Salijo- I got a few off because I did decide to just leave that one block the way it was and deal with it lol. I must say though, once I did them a few times the others came out a lot better.

Grammyp - Thank you for the compliment!

Thanks for taking the time to comment!

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Forgive the colors??? I love the colors!!!!
You did a great job.
I'll check out bryerpatch.
I checked it out, WOW, 61,000 for On the Wings of a Dream. She is talented.

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If you enjoy browsing that type of work you should check out some of the art quilts on Etsy. All you have to do is search for quilts then select to view them from highest to lowest price lol. There have been some real interesting one's up there.

Thank you for the compliment and taking the time to comment on both threads.

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Those are great colors together and your points are perfect. I can never get perfect points.

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This is just lovely and I like the colors too.

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