timbertech vs acq pine

baltymoronJune 21, 2010

We are building a deck on our 130 year old house. The house is in a historic district and we need to make the deck blend in well, though it is in the back of the house. Some people might be upset if we use a composite, but our contractor suggested using timbertech earthwood. Any thoughts? I think we could have a wood railing and timbertech floorboards and no one would be the wiser and we would gain in durability. Anyone think this is a bad idea?

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I am not understanding acq pine at all.

Buying a house in a historic district you agree,in your deed, to follow the laws in that area. Over here they can make you remove a project completley if you dont do what you promised to do. Also fines by the day are placed as a cost against your house in a very legal way you can not get out of.

In other words they can Kick Your A$$. Go to these people and ask this question to them. J.

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John, I couldn't agree with you more. They would be fine with a composite deck if it looked fine. The thing is that it isn't at all visible from other houses, and the railings would be wood. I guess my question is whether many people here would consider putting in a treated pine deck vs timbertech. We can pay for either, so I understand the cost is some consideration, but we want something durable and good for a little kid and dog and such. My contractor is very pro- composite and I wanted some thoughts. Also, thoughts about how a composite deck would look with a 130 year old wood house.

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All things being equal,the local folks being happy with either,and your deed protected.

No way would I put a pt pine deck in behind a House like that. TT earthwood would fit in real well. J.

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John, you seem very knowledgeable and I have read many of your posts. I guess, what I should have asked is which composite looks most like wood and would fit most appropriately around a 130 year old wood house. My contractor suggests the timbertech earthwood, but I think he suggests it because it is what he has most experience with. Why do you say that "no way would I put a pt pine deck behind a house like that." Is there a time when you would use pt pine? I like the idea of a splinter free, easy maintenance option. I also like the idea of adding a wood railing so as to preserve the wood look of the house. The composite railings are nice, but they look to have too few imperfections whereas our house is riddled with imperfection and I think a wood railing would fit better with the neighborhood's expectations- ie, someone might complain if the railing were composite.

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PT material is not stable no matter how its fastened , what finish is put on or how far its sanded. But if its imperfection you are looking for put it on.

Or better yet build it all out of rough sawn western red cedar after picking thru and finding all the open knots. Railroad ties would be nice for the rail posts.

TT earthwood combined with a Garapa rail system finished with twp dark oak would be intersting. Puting the finish on without geting any on the decking might be a little slow. If this still looks to perfect distress it with a small ax.

All the Historical areas I have worked in have very clear rules on things like this. You dont just build it and see if anyone complains. J.

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