stripping a deck, what now!!! Please Help

truetype1June 27, 2012

I sealed my new deck with thompsons water seal advanced a few years ago. Im not happy with its performance at all. I decided to strip it and go with a cabot oil based stain instead. after multiple treatments Im not happy with the performance of the strippers. first I used a Thompsons stripper, poor performance. Then i used Behr #64 stripper. Better performance, but had to do it twice. still plenty of patches of the old Thompsons water seal. At this point what should I do. I originally used the Thompsons because I wanted to keep the natural color. Now I dont care, I just want it to look good (and clean), not dirty, splotchy and mildew ridden. Should I re-coat with a darker shade of the Thompsons? will a darker shade go over the old patches? Should I go forward with the Cabot semi-solid? Will the cabot oil based get thru the old Thompsons? Im so frustrated with this job, and I still have the railings and ballasts to get to.

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Looks like it is almost off. I would try one more time to get the rest off. Make sure to use a wood brightener when done. There are powdered stain strippers available on the Internet. They can be mixed stronger.

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Look up either RipIt or HD-80 strippers,

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