A Springtime Tablerunner

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJanuary 24, 2008

I suppose I could have made this with a Valentine look, but I'm looking forward to Spring.....


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That's very pretty!
I love the colors!
I also have been looking for 'spring' fabrics and have found Valentine's and St. Patrick's Day things instead. There's some Easter type fabrics though, that I've found to use for Spring.
Now my problem is trying a different table runner pattern than I've been using! ;(
I need to challenge myself...

So glad you posted your picture. I've been meaning to ask for Spring inspiration and that sure helps!
Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, Cathy. I probably should have put some yellow in there. Hmmmmm, the next one.....maybe a tulip block???? The plan is to make a couple each month, save them for next Christmas and give to my girls and neices...if I put them away, I'll be ok.....out of sight, out of mind. Of course, then I run the risk of forgetting I did them!

One thing I've done is to look at placemat patterns and then revise them for a table runner. This site gives a new pattern each month. I've saved them, but haven't made any yet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Monthly Placemats

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Sharon, that is almost exactly what I'm doing. Making a couple of table runners for each of the seasons and giving one of each to my Mom and keeping one. If I can "get on a roll" with them, then I'll see about giving as gifts for X-mas.
I've been looking at block patterns for inspiration, but it's the colors (and finding the fabrics) that get me every time! ;O
Thanks so much for the link! You came up with a great idea and I'll have to give it a try also! I have saved the two available for use in the very near future!

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That is really pretty Sharon, I like it without the yellow. I want to make some table runners for myself. I have one table by the front door that would be perfect to have a different runner for all seasons.
At the moment I am hand quilting a small quilt for ME that I have been putting aside for ever.

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Thank you, Rosa. Since I took Jen's applique class, I've been doing a lot of that and hope to be able to incorporate those blocks into some runners, too. I think the patriotic block I posted would work up well into a table runner. (Never mind that I just bought a bigger container for those quilt tops that need borders!)


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