Tree Sap and Poor Results Cabot on Cedar Deck

mgrabJune 14, 2010

About 3 years ago I built a cedar deck and treated with Cabots Natural Timer Oil. I did this in the fall then lightly powerwashed and reapplied in the spring to freshen it a bit since my coverage was light in some spots looked fantastic.....then late summer city from the pine trees in my yard. Deck looked was visiting so I made some futile and poor attempts to power wash, scrub...started to peal. Just horrible. I think my coverage became too heavy. I have now removed 85% via powerwasher only. I have read many of the threads pro/con different brands. Anyone experience this....I'm leary to reapply Cabot's though I hear little about their product being poor....just don't want to buy something worse! As well I don't want to buy something incompatible with any residual Cabot's I can't remove.....Help.....

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You might want to check out this video on youtube It is a "product" video but its pretty informative.
I have had some success removing sap stains by scraping off the bulk and then covering the sap with a cotton rag and running a hot iron over it to melt the sap so it will be absorbed by the rag. Sometimes news paper or brown paper bag works better than cloth.
This same trick can work for candle wax too
Woodrich-Brand offers a Timber Oil that is loaded with pigment and can really look nice but I prefer their Wood-Tux product in the Brown Sugar color on cedar. It has a rich bronze look to it. Their website says they only sell the Wood-Tux to contractors but I happen to know they will sell it to you if you call them. They will just tell you to be sure not to over apply it. It only takes one coat.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodrich-Brand

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