2004 Mystery Quilt Top Finally Done!

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJanuary 7, 2007

This was called Sweet Confections because of the colors being in chocolates and pinks. The blocks are 8" and there are 20 pieces in each block.....not really my cup of tea. Especially after I started adding up all those 1/4" around the blocks which added up to a lot of extra inches. 12 pieces have 4 sides and 8 have 3 sides. Anyway, I'm keeping this one as I don't have one for myself, except a wallhanging.

The last border is all chocolate candy on a pink background.


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I don't know if I culd sleep under a quilt with candy. I can gain weight just looking at it. It did come out nice didn't it.


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I love that pattern. Very nice! You did a great job! Carolyn

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Beverly, I thought about the gaining weight thing, too! lol Guess you can tell where our minds are....or think of it as great minds think alike?????

Carolyn, Thank you. I'm just glad it's done up to this point. As long as I'm keeping it, I might do a meander over it all.....I keep saying I'm going to learn to do that but so far it hasn't happened.


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Only two years in the making. It's awesome.

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Sharon, just popped into the gallery and of course you ahve quilts..lolol...love this one..Ive got a pattern for a chocolate sampler that I will do one of these years...Ive got a whole book of them...great job as usual and let me know if you do the meandering..Im thinking of doing a small quilt that way...Judy

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I love it!! Chocolate is so comforting!!!

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Fran, Only 2 years......and that's only the top! lol

Judy, Thank you.....would love to see your chocolate sampler pattern sometime. I did some meandering on the Fish Panel quilt......really need to practice to become more comfortable with it.

Thank you, Rosa. I'm one to really like to see what a quilt will look like before starting it, but, it does make one branch out into doing things we would never do on our own.


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