Ipe deck on Trex elevations (steel substructure)

shathawayJune 10, 2013

Hi Guys,
We're going to be starting on our Ipe deck in MN here shortly. The contractor has suggested using a steel substructure (Trex brand) along with a Trex ceiling system underneath. Has anyone done anything like this? Everyone (suppliers/lumber company) is super excited because no one's done anything like this around here. Do I want to be this first? I would love to hear opinions/experience with the products. Thanks so much!

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Probably no one has done it because it's most likely not necessary and increases costs. I don't know enough about trex substructure to comment on the advantages over traditional framing.

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That's kind of what we've been wondering. It seems like they've been pushing the Trex products (framing, rain escape, aluminum railings) on us, and as a result, the cost of the project is going up and up. The rain system (to keep the patio below the deck dry) costs more per L.F. than the ipe! Plus, if that system keeps the frame from getting wet in the first place, why do I need the steel? Hmmm!!!

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